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My Little Pony Tarot Updated Minor Arcana

Updated version of the Minor Arcana with boarders that match the Major Arcana. This will be available at TrotCon (Table 12) and BronyCon (Booth 520) and maybe Otakon this year. Check out the Major Arcana here.…
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I love your tarot deck. One of my friends picked one up and did a tarot reading for me at BronyCon this year, but I can't figure out what the minor arcana suit equivalences are since I don't have the deck myself (yet). I know the deck had an explanation card, but it doesn't look like you've got that online, do you?

In any case, I absolutely love this deck and I want to thank you for doing such an amazing job with it.
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Update: After looking a bit at the symbolism, I've concluded that Hooves corresponds to Coins/Pentacles, Wings corresponds to Cups, Horns corresponds to Swords, and Power to Wands.

I can explain in a bit more detail later.
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I'm here trying to find out the answer to that very question... and your friend is lucky, mine didn't come with an explanation card. Or at least, I don't think it did... but considering I too got it at BronyCon this year, perhaps I'm wrong...
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Do you have a card back for these?
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Will your major arcana also be available at Trotcon this year?
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Yes they will be. 
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Cute and awesome!
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Your work is amazing!!
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This is incredibly childish, but the font made me think that Luna's card read "Empress of Boobs"
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Oh good I'm not the only one :)
I feel normal now
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Cider Fest .......PLEASE? Want!
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