Part 2: The Duckening
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The Run Part 2- The Duckining

[Cartman is asleep]

[Kyle, Stan, Butters and Jimmy barge through]

Stan: Cartman?

Jimmy: Wakey Wakey or im gonna sh-sh-shakey.

[Cartman lays there]


[Cartman rolls of his bed]

Cartman: Jeez dude what the hell was that?!

Stan: Why the hell is our president a duck?!

Cartman: Wha-What?

Butters: I thought you wanted to be president Eric.

Cartman: That was a dream.

Kyle: Here come look at the news.

[Kyle puts the news on his phone and shows Cartman]

Tom: Hi I'm Tim.

Tim: I'm Tim.

Tom: Oh yeah I'm Tom...

Tim: Anyways Tom...Did you here that the little fucking fat little fat bitch was running president.

Tom: Tim jeez...we can't swear on TV.

Tim: Fuck you!

[Tom runs out]


[Tim takes off mask and it reveals that he's Donald Trump]


[Kyle takes away]

Stan: See?

Cartman: How does he know my name?

Kyle: Because you need to know that Don-

[Jimmy plays on his phone and shuts out Kyle's lecture].

Stan: think this is a dream?

Cartman: No I think it's turtle! What have been I  saying!

Jimmy: Wait are we real?

Cartman: Yeah is just the president thing.

[Dogs start flying around Cartman's window]

Cartman: That was in the     dream too.

Stan: What the fuck is going on?

Kyle: Ohhh...what if anything Cartman dreams becomes real.

Stan: Hmmmmm....

Cartman: What?!

Kyle: Cartman go back to bed and dream someone more qualified is  president...okay?

Cartman: ...dammit I hate you guys.

[Kyle looks at him pissed]

[cartman closes his eyes]

Cartman: AHHHH!

The boys: AHHH!

Stan: Wha-what happened?

Cartman: Uhhh Stan.

Stan: Yeah?

[Cartman rubs the back of his head and looks up]

Cartman: You won't be mad at me right?

Stan: What the fuck did you do?

[a rock hits Cartmans window]

[The boys scream]

[Cartman opens his window]

Wendy: Cartman? Aren't we going to go see a movie?

Cartman: second...b-babe.

[Cartman winks and closes window]

[Stan tackles Cartman]

Stan: I swear Cartman I'm gonna punch you to sleep and you better dream a breakup!

Kyle: Stan, there's more important things we should be doing?

[Stan starts punching Cartman]

Butters: Oh sweet Jesus...Eric's mom gonna have a-have a heck when she sees th-this mess.

Cartman: DUDE! Stan!


Cartman: Well I would if I could?

Stan: Agh!

[Stan gets off]

Stan: *fucking prick*

Kyle: Okay, Cartman I need you dream of someone like Bernie Sanders as president...and if you can break up with Wendy.

Cartman: Hmmm....

[Cartman turns around a lays to sleep]

Kyle: This is getting boring.

Stan:Yeah, no shit!

[1 hour passes & Cartman wakes up]

Kyle: Cartman?

Cartman: What?

Kyle: What did you dream?

Cartman: Uhhhhh...

[A duck dressed up like Ms. Cartman walks into his room]

Duck: QUACK!

Cartman: Uhhh...that...

Kyle: Who's president? I swear if it's a fucking duck!

[Jimmy gives Kyle his phone]



Kyle: You turned Bernie into a duck?

Cartman: Yes.

Butters: Hey Kyle?

Kyle: Yeah?

Butters: Well come me and Jimmy and Stan and you aren't ducks?

Jimmy: Yeah?

Kyle: Cartman?

Cartman: Turn around Butters.

Butters: Well uhh

[Butters turns around]

Cartman: Hmmm....I don't know...

[Stan wakes up]


[Stan grabs Kyle]

Stan: Dude I had a dream where the whole world was ducks and only we weren't!

Kyle: Nonononononononono!

Stan: yesyesyesyesyesyesyes!

Kyle: That means you and Cartman's dreams become real.

Jimmy: Maybe if they have that power-we all d-d-d-duh-d-duuuh-dooo...

[A loud knock comes from downstairs]

[Boys get startled]

Cartman: Go check it out Butters.

Butters: W-Wh-well-uhh-Why-Why me?

Cartman: Do you wanna get killed by ducks?

Butters: No!

Cartman: Then go check it out asshole!

[Butters leaves]

[Cartman smiles]

Cartman: He's such a gullible asshole.

[Butters slowly walks down the hall]

Butters: Oh Jesus loves me th-this I know-

[Butters goes down the stairs and the knocking gets louder]

Butters: Oh ah!

[Butters opens the door]

Butters: AH!

[Its Kenny]

Butters: Oh it's only you.

Kenny: (What the FUCK did Cartman do?)

Butters: Uh come up stairs...

Duck: QUACK!

Butters: Ah!

[They enter his room]

Cartman: Aw dammit Kenny survived?

Kenny:( Fuck you!)

Cartman: Jeez Kenny! We gotta get through this together!

Kenny: (What the fuck did he do?)

Kyle: Well asshole and asshole-

[Points to Stan and Cartman]

Kyle:-wished for everyone but us to become ducks.

Stan: Yeah Kenny didn't turn into one.

[Cartman looks through window]

Cartman: Guys!

[The boys look through the window and see the street covered with ducks]

Cartman: HA! Kenny's dad is an alcoholic even as a duck!

[A kid runs through the street screaming]

Cartman: Guys, look at that kid!

[The kid is James]

James: HELP! You guys!

Stan: Hey it's that new kid.

Kyle: James or David?

[Kyle looks through the window]

Kenny: (That's my neighbor, James.)

Cartman: Oh.

[Cartman opens window]


Cartman: Go to hell, you poor piece of crap!

Butters: How do you know he's poor?

Cartman: He lives near Kenny.

[Kenny hits Cartman]

Kenny: ( Fuck you you fat piece of shit!)

[The ducks start decapitating James]

James: Oh you guys AHHH plea-!

[James dies]

Stan: Oh shit they're people!

Jimmy: Oh F-F-Fuck.

[Time passes]

[Cartman enters the room]

Cartman: Guys c'mere!

[The boys follow Cartman to the living room]

Cartman: Alright Kenny and I wrote a pretty sweet plan to survive the duckalypse!

Kyle: Duckalypse?

Cartman: Explain it to him Kenny.

[Kenny mumbles a bunch of words for a few minutes]

Stan: Oh.

Kyle: Alright what's the plan?

Cartman: Remember the time we went out killing zombies?

Boys: Yeah.

Cartman: Kenny has drawn a few photos to show how we will kill the ducks.

[Kenny holds up photos]

Stan: No.

Cartman: Do you have a fucking better idea Stan?

[Boys sigh]

Kyle: Fine.

Butters: Where are we gonna get the chainsaws?

Cartman: Our garages.

Stan: Don't you see a flaw with that?

Cartman: No?

Stan: How are we gonna get all those chainsaws from our garages. Our houses are surrounded by ducks!

[A duck breaks through the window]

The boys: AHH!

Cartman: To Cartman's badass cool awesome garage.

[The boys run to the garage]

Kyle: We'll be save here.

[Kenny locks the door]

The boys: Wow!

[A bunch of costumes and chainsaws hang on the hang]

Stan: Woah.

Cartman: That enough chainsaws for ya stan?

[Cartman sneered]

Cartman: Put these costumes on and grab a chainsaw. We're gonna end this shit!

[To be continued]

Any suggestions for the next one? Leave comments and I'll try to put it into a scene!
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