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speed animations wooooh!! :la: man i love animating!! <3 im trying out different animation methods. for this one i used sai to draw lil craig out and color, and i used adobe flash cs3 to animate it. it was suppose to be a gif. format, not a swf. one. :/ but when i tried making it gif. style, it goes really slow. -A- or maybe i'm just using the wrong softwares. o:

i wanted to animate something simple n as quick as i can! i should of time myself doing it cuz idk how long it took. =w=;

lol i remember i was at skool n i was wearing my orange craig hat, n i was really bored in math class so i started to swing the lil floppies on the hat. it was rly addicting so i kinda spaced out n the teacher's like "uhh are you ok?" n i was like "hm?! oh yah im just bored. o:" then he glares at me. >u>
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Shouldn't he flip someone off if hes bored?
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It won't load......:(
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That's not Stan.
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Haha, it's okay. XD
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TTATT I feel so embarrassed 
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Ah...But making a mistake is alright occasionally uvu
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ASDFGHJKL; SO KAWAAAIII :heart: :heart: :heart:
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You should make one for Kenny :D
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Kinda sucks you in and you can't stop watching it O.O
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thats me when i have picktails!
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funny but someone should be punching him; that would be hilarious
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Aww that's so cute~
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XD When I get bored in class,I just stare into space endlessly!!
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Tee Hee ;) Searched 'Bored' but glad i found craig from SP :D:D:D cute animation tho
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