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"Ugh..." you cringe, slamming your back against the brick wall.

You gaze down at the blood stain spreading across your shirt, regretting your decision to pursue remaining vampires from Nesta's coterie. You apply pressure on your wound, biting your lip in hopes your pain wouldn't echo out into the alleyway.

You clutch onto the rosary in your hand, aware its energy is almost depleted.

I'm done for... you think to yourself, closing your eyes in the process. You hope that whoever--whatever--is pursuing you will give up and leave you alone. You always told yourself that if you are going to die, you'd rather die in peace by bleeding out instead of being devoid of blood by a vampire.

Finding yourself slipping in and out of consciousness, you hear yelling from a distance and cries of pain. You try to focus your eyes at the figure running in your direction.

"[First name]!!"

You black out.

Lindo breaks your fall and catches you, his red eyes returning to its natural ocean blue color. He worries upon seeing your right hand slip from covering the injury on the left side of your abdomen. Witnessing your breathing slowing down by the second, panic arises in Lindo's usually calm disposition.

"No, hang on...!"


Beep. Beep. Beep.

Huh...? you slowly open your eyes, double-vision taking over as you try to figure out where you are. You're soon blinded by the whiteness of the ceiling as your eyes regain focus. You look down at your arm and see a needle in your hand that links up to a drip.

I'm on an I.V. Wait, last thing I remember I was in the alley and someone was coming for me. Who rescued me?

"Ah, you're finally awake."

That voice was the last thing you heard before you went into an unconscious state. You look at the entrance to the room and see Lindo standing there with a paper bag.

"The nurse insists that you eat once you're awake. I know how picky you are so I bought some soup and bread from a nearby café."

Lindo adjusts the overbed table, swinging it over your bedside. You try to adjust your position, yelping out in pain as you feel your entire body rejecting the movement.

"Slow down. You were in surgery for a few hours last night until you were transferred to this room," Lindo says, reaching over for the remote to adjust the bed to a 60-degree angle.

You watch Lindo nurse you, even though part of you wants to call him out for always doting on you whenever his sister isn't around.

Lindo removes the cover to the soup, reaching in with a plastic spoon and placing it close to your mouth. You open your mouth willingly, savoring the flavor once you take a bite.

"Mmm, chicken with rice," you smile, glad you're not stuck with hospital food.

"The doctor said that this is the closest to solids you're allowed to eat for a while," Lindo says as he continues to feed you.

"Oh, joy," you sarcastically groan. "By the way--how did I end up here?"

"I found you."

"You always find me somehow," you lower your voice. "I wish I'm as strong as you. I wish I was like you. I'm just a regular human, and now that I'll be out of commission for a while, I have to blend in with everyone else at school while you go out on missions on your own."

Lindo stops and puts down the spoon. This isn't the first time you took pity on yourself for not being like him. He remains calm, albeit disappointed with the topic at hand.

"Wishing you're like me? Being a Dhampir isn't a gift; it's a burden I have to live with for the rest of my life," Lindo says, moving the overbed table away from you and sitting back down. He takes your hand, gently caressing it. "You're not weak. In fact, you're the strongest person I know. Which other exorcist would travel all the way from England just to help me contain the remaining vampires back home?"

You nod at him.

"Thank you, Lindo."

Ritsuka slowly opens the door and peeks in, seeing how Lindo is looking at you so affectionately. She sees Lindo lean over and plant a short kiss on your forehead. You look at him as no other words are spoken, both of you finding support in each other's company.

"[First name], I want you to get better."

"I do too."

"Yes but..." Lindo pauses briefly. "After you recover, I want to cook a meal just for you. If you let me, that is."

You try to understand the meaning to Lindo's words until he links his fingers with yours. You then come to the conclusion that this is his way of asking you out.

"I'd like that," you smile, feeling his response as he firmly grips your hand and exchanges a smile.

Not wanting to disturb the moment, Ritsuka steps back out while beaming from ear to ear, glad that her older brother has finally found someone to devote himself to besides her.
8DD;; Almost killed reader-chan off but after writing my last fic (Kissing You [Makoto x Reader]) I decided to give myself an intervention, lmao. OTL||

Friendly reminder Dance with Devils has an otome game released in Japan! So it falls under both anime and otome game. c;

Disclaimer: This fic was written for fun and personal amusement. I apologize for any "out-of-character" situations, as well as any grammatical, spelling, and/or tense errors. All constructive criticism will be hidden and ignored.
melaniet16 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2017
this was so sweet!
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This was actually kinda cute, I liked it Koro-Sensei Blushing Icon 
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