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The death bringer

Hey look, a generic edgy title

I'm sorry, I can't think of any good names

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So that's why there's no humans in Equestria. No one tell Lyra
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Very amazed! =D(Tree looks a dragon on the left, and tail is wrapping around the death bringer. I think I see?). So many skulls, how long did it take you place all the skulls? XD
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Thanks! ^^

Funny you mention that, the trees are exactly the same model except that they have different sizes, the skulls didn't take that long, I placed around 10, then just copied and pasted them and placed them in different order, there's around 100 skulls that were pasted during the process.

It took around half an hour to do ^^
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Your welcome! =).  

Ahhhhhhh. I see. XD. 
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The title is the least important thing man, what matters is the picture. And this one is awesome! X3
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Oh hello death,.. my old friend...   please don't kill ;,;
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So what should I get from this lol
Me no understand
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that both images are edgy

goddamn it chris

ur bad to understand jokes
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I understood they were edgy...Didn't know I was meant to take them as joke tho...Ehm....Hah
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Nah, just random pone with random clothing
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"Who is that poke mon?"
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Death Bringer? 'gasp' Is it M.Night Shamamalamabablubla!?
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We need a good pony cloak model...

or hood, maybe a robe, or why not all 3 XD
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I think Texas is making something similiar
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It'd be nice to have for stuff, maybe then we could have a good assassin pony model to work with.
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I think Dracagon made one model like that but required proper rigging

Which sucks cuz I'd LOVE to use a model like that ;__;
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