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The Cutie Mark Pinatas

Or ''Piñatas'' since DA can't accept ñ's in tittles

A little christmas related poster made to celebrate our own mexican traditions

The first piñatas in Mexico had seven cones around 'em, they represent the seven cardinal sins, breaking a piñata means destroying your own sins, and the candy inside of it represent the reward of doing so. 
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Why there are no shadows? And who's casting the levitation?
CottonPonySFM's avatar
Amazing. But as I am an annoying person. Magic on the horn is missing x3
TopHatPyroMan's avatar
I'm gonna need to break alot of pinatas then ;w;
SunriseGoldenshield's avatar
felices fiestas!!!Pika X-Mas Wreath 
ShiningDragoon107's avatar
You can do it, Sweetie!
Glaber's avatar
*reads the description* Ohh, I never knew why some Piñatas were designed that way before now. cool.
LokosFermincho's avatar
I know I already said this before but...

Powdan's avatar
Nice one, Sourcy! But you forgot the SB's horn magic effect xD
diegomolina's avatar
siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii piñata
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You renders are always a treat, just like inside a pinata...

I'm bad with puns.
BernieBoss's avatar
DA why not add special characters?
*top class English*
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Imagines aftermath of Sweetie Bell attacking everything but the Piñata
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