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Marble Heart

Some times, you can't be strong all on your own.

You'll need someone out there to keep the candle that makes you want to live alive
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Thanks for this.
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Considering the rain effect was done outside of SFM, it's a good effect.  The direction of the rain would suggest that the umbrella wouldn't completely protect them from rain, but that's a bit too nitty gritty.
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Nice 👌👌👌
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I love this rain effect. How did you do that?
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Heh, that's pretty simple…

I used this rain texture in the picture, increased it's size with the transform tool in Photoshop,  and changed it's layer type to Linear dodge
Reitch's avatar
Okay then ^^ So, now I must figure out how to get Photoshop xp
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I really like the candle metaphor. Deep shit right there

Dat neck tho
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Pinkie's love for her sisters is such a strong bond. :D
TopHatPyroMan's avatar
May I ask why there is a knife?

Other than that great work! ^^
SourceRabbit's avatar
Nice eye, haha.

It's an implication of Marble committing suicide with a kitchen knife, but being stopped in the act by her sisters
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is Limestone's  right arm clipping through her jacket?
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And there's always gonna be more then one person who'll be that
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