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EDIT: She's now the official mascot, thank you for your support people!

''Hopefully after two months of development, it will be worth the horse''

Ladies and gentlemen, let us present our contest entry to the SFM Ponies OC contest who's journal can be found right here:

Group OC Contest AnnouncementA few of our contributors suggested that we create some banner art for the group, but we were at an impasse of who to feature in it.  Some suggested we use the OCs of some of the more well-known members or the admin staff, but I felt that it would be a bit unrepresentative for the group as a whole to feature personal OCs.  We decided that we need an OC for the group itself, and what better a way to obtain one than to have a group-wide contest?
This is for an OC that represents the group and what we do here (hint:  SFM logo cutiemark).  Thus, personal OCs are not eligible.
All OCs must be models created for and rendered in the Source-engineAll submissions must be submitted to the "Contest" folder.You may abstain from making the model downloadable, but it will need to be publicly downloadable before you are announced a winner (winners will be contacted prior to closing announcement)The artist who wins the contest

After many tweaks, and several hours of work by this group of modelers, she's now with us, behold, the power of Animazam, the SFM specialized horse!


:iconwhiteskypony: Modelling of the mane - tail - glasses, decompiling, compilling again, and texturing these (Yes, true story)
:iconyoksaharat: Modelling of the suit -coat and scarf
:iconaral750: Compilling of the model
:iconsourcerabbit: Concept - Design of Animazam

Special thanks to :icontakeshi6888: for offering his help, hope you are doing well in your exams man!

UPDATE: Added a mediafire link, a request from:iconglaber:…
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This model is awesome!