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If you use Discord and you work on SFM (obviously), then I suggest you look down on these groups to share your art, give and recieve feedback, learn good tricks and obtain really good resources!

OpenSFM (My personal Fave):

Source Plaza:


These are some of the best and bigger groups to share your stuff and meet a lot of skilled people who can help you get better, and learn new stuff. Also its not a bad thing to be social.

If you got any big sfm-focused discords that I have missed out, you can share them on the comments.
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The Art of Justice (Saxxy Awards 2017: Extended) by MarioT209

Mature Content

The Last descent by predatorslow
Dead 4 Dead by FrvrMate
24 - ultra remastered edition by Omgwtfbbq909
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Jump Force - Unite To Fight (Source Filmmaker) by puppershupper
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PINNED - Downloadable Resources
[RELEASE] toon link ssbu toon link by KuroBabbu
Iron Man Mark XXXV (Now on SFM Workshop) by GeniusGT
McCree Undead [Overwatch] [Model] by Kemot44
Monolith [Gmod/SFM DOWNLOAD] by ALMarkAZ
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A fistful of courage by ProjectObscurum
The new government of the wasteland[GIF] by UndeadVillain
(ANIMATION)All Might VS Nomu (Source Filmmaker) by puppershupper
Wrong choice[GIF] by UndeadVillain
Images - Action, Military, Weapons
Tarkov tunnels by Pr0metheus-RF
Kazak (Remake) by Kaymanovite
same man but before ptsd by CommunityCall
man with ptsd by CommunityCall
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Power Impact by MrTermi988
Unstoppable warrior by MrTermi988
fuka time by KuroBabbu
LLENN and Dual P90s by FosterBonnie
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Officer D.Va by YounesBros
Brothers by Its-Midnight-Reaper
Devil Mercy - Hungry for souls by DarknessRingoGallery
Ira Angelica by Kaymanovite
Images - Comic Strips and Panels
Narcissism by Menaria
TF2 Pokemon - Chapter 04 Page 127 by BrolyNo1Consorter

Mature Content

Frank West Vs Leon Kennedy by SmokingMann
Cuphead - Noise Downstairs by cfowler7-SFM
Images - Crossovers
Karaoke Night by Lawlsomedude
Angelic Wrath by Kaymanovite
Boop by CapioCaberMan
A Writer's Amnesia [Remake] by Ultimatum227
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Tanya Casual 3 by MajorStainWolf
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A fistful of venom by ProjectObscurum
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{SFM/FNAF} Are you ready for FREDDYS? by MemeEverYT
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Zelda - Triforce of Power by cfowler7-SFM
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The Four Inglorious Demolition Specialists by FosterBonnie
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everybody gangsta until the rx-78-2 starts walking by KuroBabbu
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Scouting with BILLY by SquidEmpire
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Crash Site by BackMaker
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Sonic Movie Scene :~Sonic SFM~: by CharCharRose131
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Colonel Royez from the Long 15 by CommunityCall
SFM REMAKE| Among The Sakura Trees by Atlasuir
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Frozen by FreemanAH
randomshit by Dreaddy9862
~The Messenger~ by Commodor-Richter
SFM - Cowboy Soldier by TheClaudioAmericano
School by AgentVigilante
Genji (Baihu) by Yare-Yare-Dong


Affiliated and similar groups to us. Want to check out or submit something a little more specific, such as Femscout, My Little Pony or S.T.A.L.K.E.R? There's the place to look!

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Hi there! Welcome to the SourceFilmmaker deviantart group. We're one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) deviantart group dedicated to art made in the source filmmaker software.

What IS the source filmmaker, and how do I get it?

The Source Filmmaker is a 3d animation software running on Valves Source Engine, which powers games like the Portal series, Team Fortress 2, and Dota 2. Although intended for the use of team fortress 2 assets, users import content from other valve/source engine games, and tech savvy users can go further than that by porting content from other titles or creating their own original models!

The software is FREE for all users with a steam account and can be downloaded here. The only requirement is that Team Fortress 2 (also free) is instealled and ran at least once.

That said, in order to have an optimal experience, make sure your computer can at least run Team Fortress 2 at high to max settings at 1280x720 and with framerates ABOVE 60fps, as SFM runs (and renders!) at 720p by default. Beefier rigs are more than welcome to crank that up with the "-sfm_resolution 1080" launch option.

RULES (Follow them to prevent getting blocked)

:bulletred: We only accept content made in Source Filmmaker. That means Gmod/XNALara/Poser submissions won't be accepted. Editing your SFM picture in post production via photoshop/gimp/whatever is acceptable.

:bulletred: As of 26/8/15, Pony content will no longer be accepted, following the results of the community vote. Instead, consider sending it to SFM-Ponies!

:bulletred: We currently hold quality control into the group. Please refrain from submitting posters that have Stock/Valve animation sequences in them, grainy ambient occlusion, or poorly angled camerawork. If you're new to SFM, please check our tutorials folder and/or the useful links at the bottom. There's a VERY HIGH chance your submission will be rejected if it has any of the above

:bulletred:If your art is rejected, you can request for a reason in SUBMISSION REQUEST (click here to read how to do that). If you do, it's advised you follow that help the next time around. There may be rare occasions where art is accepted, but advice is still given out. It's still in your best interest to follow it. The staff here know how SFM works and how you can improve.

:bulletred: THE DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCES FOLDER IS ONLY FOR SUBMISSIONS PROMOTING A DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCE. Please stop submitting posters in there, it's a pain in the ass to remove them.

:bulletred: Any art containing sexual fetishes will be instantly rejected.
(how can people get pleasure with this anyways)

:bulletred: Hate pictures about [X] User will be denied. We won't promote hate against someone you dislike for [Y] Reason.

:bulletorange: There's a limit of uploads per day. Don't you fucking upload 10 pics in one folder. Give space to others, y'know.

:bulletorange: You can upload stuff made by people who don't have a da too, but please GET PERMISSION AND CREDIT those people.

:bulletyellow: HUMAN NUDITY/SUGGESTIVE will still be accepted as long as it doesn't break any of the rules and stays under da's standards. PUT A MATURE TAG anyways.
(Because humans aren't fucked up as humans with animal heads, right.)

:bulletgreen: Keep it cool.


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ambientdreamz Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2019  New Deviant
Hi, please can I join your group. Thank you from Kali
(2 Replies)
MrTermi988 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2018
Sonic universe team by MrTermi988

A question. In which folder should I upload this image?
(1 Reply)
ralphsoliman Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
excuse me can i ask you something?
(2 Replies)
Hidden by Owner
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MrTermi988 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2018
And when will you accept my images? I see many accepted images less mine.
(2 Replies)
LisaInezRamirez Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm sorry for making an attitude. I wanted to re-join, but I'm not good at posing.
(1 Reply)
19Alexander2000 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2018
May I have an announcement to make?

Your mission: bring the lilybonbons to source filmmaker.

Ribbon, lulu, mimi and flora come from sanrio.

No payments required, just free!

The lilybonbons need to have facial expressions and reflexes.

Good luck!
(5 Replies)
TOA316XDNUI-OFFICIAL Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
pheenix99 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2018
Anyone available for a custom character commission?
(1 Reply)
BrolyNo1Consorter Featured By Owner May 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good evening, team. I humbly request you to place the artwork below in the "Featured" folder:
TF2 - Freeway Jousting by BrolyNo1Consorter
Considering it has landed on the front page, it should be qualified enough, no?
(4 Replies)
KyubiHitashi Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gentleman, Im Looking For Some Military Models Such As Suits/Armors And Weapons If Possible for female models, could someone inform me where could i find them?
(1 Reply)
HunterzKar98 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Accepted only my SFM Military but Sega declined.
(1 Reply)
melika567 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2018
There are some problems I encounter on some of the maps from TF2, like this: (…)
MrTermi988 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 28, 2018
How sad they did not accept my DB art. They should make a folder of that because now there are models and artists of Dragon Ball
(1 Reply)
PsychoLinChan Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok, so 2nd artwork in a row got declined and I still didn't have any response why. Contact me.
(1 Reply)
browser-surfer14 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Hi, which folder do I need to put if I want to submit test animation or animation practices?
(1 Reply)
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