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Source-Gallery is a group dedicated for all of DeviantArt's who make Source Filmmaker or Garry's Mod related content, from models, to posters to animations. Of course, we wish to maintain a certain quality control as well as provide criticism to help any future artisits.

The objective of the group as simple, as said above. Provide audience for Source artists out there, criticism so they can improve, and overall bring the whole community together, that's why some rules have to be set in place:

-When submitting, please make sure you actually put some effort into it. No shitpost pictures, something made to purposely look bad.

-This is not a space for drama nor art related to it, so maybe look for another one instead if you wish.

-Adressing the drama rule, do not start picking fights with other members, nor give non-constructive criticism such as "This sucks please kys lol". You are not forced to being everyone's friend in here, but neither this is the place to create trouble. Oh and of course, people giving constructive criticism to you just want you to improve, so don't take that with hostility. Learn from your mistakes and improve, this is one of the main purposes of this group.

-Contributors are not admins, they're just regular members who have shown to have a consistent pattern of quality for their work, and therefore don't have to go through the quality control process anymore. You too can be a Contributor, if meet that requirement!

-No highly NSFW content, such as fetishes and etc. There's plenty of other spaces for it. Mildly sexualized pictures, or with artistic nudity, are allowed, nothing too intense. Of course, as long as they are in the Mature Content folder.

-Sonic, MLP, FNAF stuff and TF2 OCs are not allowed. Period.

-"Featured" is the folder where we gather the best work, submitted either by Admins, Contributors or regular members. If your pic got there, it means you're doing something right! Keep it up!
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Source Filmmaker and Garry\\\'s Mod

194 Members
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Gordon by NOGA14
Gmod | Shrine of the Physgod by OlmateUbafest
Mind-controlled Hit Squad by Crazy-Knife
Manhack Attack by Minaus
Amber City by PrettyFlackoJodi
Extraction Point by PrettyFlackoJodi
GoPro Combat - Russian Armed Forces Assaults Enemy by PrettyFlackoJodi
Gmod | INITIATION by OlmateUbafest
Tet Offensive Diorama | Vietnam War by WlNDFURY
Overwatch by Minaus
Gmod | Chernobyl House by OlmateUbafest
Gmod | Sandrunner by OlmateUbafest
Man with a gun. by THE-ANIMAL-MOTHER
Dark ages| Last breath by DanStrogg
Radioactive Japan #3 - Hunted by Crazy-Knife
X Gon' Give It To Ya by Slim-Charles
Urban scenes
The Palace by Crazy-Knife
When you absolutely need something delivered by Crazy-Knife
Redwood Halls - Cleanup Crew has arrived. by Crazy-Knife
[GMod] Anticitizens by Opty-Face
Video game related
The Last of Us 2 - Art Exploration by PrettyFlackoJodi
Life Imitates Art by Crazy-Knife
Interrogation by WlNDFURY
Morning Routine by Trek762
Battle Ready by Trek762
Yari by Trek762
Eyes in the shadows - Skyrim by Zero-hka
Yoshimitsu The Immortal by KalekronReborn
SPIDERMAN VS VENOM by KalekronReborn
[SFM] Harley Quinn by XieAngel
[SFM] Scenebuild Lighting Tutorial (READ DESC.) by XieAngel
bird down by his stones (GIF) by JamesN96
Vital Signs (GIF) by JamesN96
Hold to the bar (GIF) by JamesN96
[SFM] Day that changed the world by LesObservateurs
Mature Content

Mature Content

Caveira by XieAngel
Monster mash by THE-ANIMAL-MOTHER
Dark ages|Revenge by DanStrogg


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Ay, first blog and has been a while already.

In order to spark up some more life here in the group, as well highlight both our most experient artists' stuff, as well as the ones of prominent new ones that have been improving lately, we've been thinking here of setting up a Monthly Feature blogpost, setting up the most memorable works that were posted throughout the month, the Admins' thoughts on what called their attention the most and also talk about improvements that are being seen on certain artists' stuff. Help spark up some life in here.

It'd be also great to hear any other suggestions coming from you to help improve the group, as well as a more lively place as well.
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