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Commissions open

For Commission information please email KarlLiversidge(at)gmail(dot)com

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Is commissions up?

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Good day, Love your work! I may have missed the window but, still up for commissions?
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Do you think you will open commissions in 2017??
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I am definitely re-opening them this year!!!!

I am just in the process of working out my timetable so I can figure how much more work I can take on, as well as prices.

I will be sure to make a Journal and post on all my socials when they re-open.
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I cannot wait for these to open again! Britney Spears Anxious 
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Karl whn ever you get a chance let me know i need to talk to you. 
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Hey brother this is great. I am glad to see this doing well for your. I remember a while back when things were rough for you and your work was still one of the best i have ever seen. Very Glad you have found some success! 

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Thanks man!

Definitely doing better than I was a couple of years ago, sacrifice and hard work are slowly paying off. 
I don't think I have found success yet .... but I MIGHT have found a map leading to a door that leads to a ladder that leads to a level of achievement and guides one to success :D 
(the journey is hella fun man!)
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You are doing way better then when we first became friends I still miss working together maybe one day we can work together again. I am still working on 3d art also. I can't  wait till we can work together again. 
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Your art is so cool and awesome. :D If only I have paypal or something, I would be so happy to commission you. :iconuhuhuhuplz: I wish you the best of luck. :D 
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Hello, I would be very interested in commissionning you but I can't afford your most refined commissions, may I ask how much would cost a colored sketch portrait like this one:… or BW sketch like this one:…

Thank you very much!
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Thank you for showing an interest, very much appreciate it. 

Unfortunately these are the only prices I can offer.  

The images you linked are what I should be offering for these prices since my prices are so low for what I produce.

I hope you can understand.
If you are still interested and can save / afford my prices I will make sure you get the best quality work I can do. 
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No problem, I understand, thanks for your kind answer ^^ I'll try to save money for next time you open your commissions (I hope your prices won't have risen by then :P)
Suiish's avatar
oh mai you accept Bitcoins!!! >_> One day  i hope to commision yooo ;___; In the meantime i will always watch your art and be amazed Cx 
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I am really thinking about it... I really am. Many more OCs to make beautiful haha
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I...believe I have another thing in mind for Eden that you can work on.~ Blush 
SourAcid's avatar
Oh awesome! I would love to do another piece of Eden :) 
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I'll be sure to message you the references when I finish them this weekend. :) Though, for this piece, I was thinking of capturing a more scary concept for Eden. ^_^ I'm not sure how to do her hair though since I don't necessarily draw much of the slicked back hairstyles, so the reference may look kind of messy. I think I'd like to discuss with you about the hairstyle since you've had some experience with it!
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No problem, I should have a Google hangout on Sunday evening /Monday morning (your Sunday morning). We can chat there or if you want on Skype.
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