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Spider Gwen

Some friendly fanart on the work break!

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Spectacular details
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Amazing artwork, congratulations! Clap Love :D (Big Grin) 
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Your anatomy is amazing! Do not share how you learned it? I'm trying to draw people and anatomy for 5 hours a day but still my anatomy level 1 class though I am 20 years old
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Thank you kindly!

I still practice anatomy to this day, but obviously a lot less than I used to 4 years ago. 

I would recommend trying different methods to learn and see which works the best for you. I struggled to learn from books at first and found repeating what I saw was not enough. 
When I discovered Glenn Vilppu's videos of him teaching anatomy in class I found myself grasping more and retaining the knowledge more and after repeatedly re-watching the videos and following along I learned new things I missed the first time.

Also don't be scared to use reference, you can't draw what you don't know. It takes time to build the mental library so you can draw from memory more correctly. 

Just keep at it, you can do it if you just keep pushing and working at it. (moving slowly is better than not moving at all)
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Just a question, how long does it take you just to make one?
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This was around 2 hours ...but all my work varies from 1 - 15 hours 
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Wow! thats a lot of dedication!, I get impatient with myself and my result so I end up messing up a lot, but I am working on that imperfection so I can create the art I am really able to :) . I adore this one of Spider Gwen ♥ beautiful job!.
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superb piece of work Bad time (icon) 
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Spider Gwen my favourite!
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Have you ever considered selling this as a print/poster?
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This artwork. It's amazingly over 9,000. I mean wow!
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I really like your style!
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Deadpool icon Deadpool icon OMG YOUR ART IS SO AWESOMEEE
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