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Elastic Fur
As a lamb I come
playing roles you desire done
I am the timid one - scared as a beating drum
set to any rhythm you shall strum
locked inside your custom gun - a bullet fired at the painted sun
until thunder breaks my run
As a lamb I come
Cut my fur and wear me like a sweater you have spun
:iconsour-sauce:Sour-Sauce 5 5
Life is a rainbow, so choose a crayon
Make something new, by the pencil lead pond
Calm every wave, with your pastel wand
Unshade every tree, to make true every frond
Paint the sunlight, until morning birds spawn
Shine your notebook to the light
until you see through the pages
and then go beyond
There's a purple dragon, on the school yard ground
watching over the merry-go-round
Spinning and twirling, as it comes unwound
Faster and faster, until it's loose from the mound
There's a fire truck engine
roaring clear through the night
Chasing tiger stripe flames, in the pale moonlight
Howling beneath stars, above a concrete path
Accusing the dragon, though it holds no wrath
There's a crater of gravel, below the children's knees
If you swing with your might, you can sail through the breeze
Except below is now blue, and the sky has turned green
And once turned over, you can know what it means
Guardian angels hide their faces
in white clouds that are drawn
miles below, where the astronaut stands
:iconsour-sauce:Sour-Sauce 6 7
Childhood Snow by Sour-Sauce Childhood Snow :iconsour-sauce:Sour-Sauce 1 12
The Pin-Up
Feminine shapes can be so artless
like a fire burning in darkness
Provocative ideas - if only a girl could expose
I long to be stripped naked, without removing my clothes
Mistaken as the colors painted upon lips
Fragile as the raven black curls along finger tips
flowing down to meet acoustic guitar hips
Filthy ideas - if only a girl could express
I long to be stripped bare, without untying my dress
Crimson nails taunting deeper than pain they cause
Heroin calls
Ecstasy burning - I cry out in flames
Without knowing shame, a photographer lays back
and sucks it through his veins
Shall I look for tomorrow?
Emotions felt within are like a night that never ends
they only dim
Raping flashes of a director's camera
exposing what's beneath skin
Who am I, but a horror film rated G?
Like violence, pain and crime that mankind pretends to unsee
I am mere fantasy
Entertainment is a distraction sent to devour my world
Greed abounds - no one notices - I stand and twirl
Kinky magazines empty as library
:iconsour-sauce:Sour-Sauce 6 4
Perfect Child of God
Reality is an empty cradle, with a child already grown
Sat upon the carpet, to discover right from wrong
Stairway through a closet, made of styrofoam
Essence is an empty box, with the toys already gone
A stranded jewel hangs above, looking down from space
Fate is a darkened sky, with the stars all trapped in place
The morning arises, like a path already chosen
Fixtured up above, where everything is frozen
What I'm trying to say is, I hate everyone
Kill you with an axe, and rape your only son
There is a moment, when you go into bloom
And things once ignored, tear away your costume
What I'm trying to say is, I never hurt anyone
Damnation I once feared, will never actually come
I shall run forever, as of today
The air is now fresh, and staying that way
Your eyes seem to tell me, of sin that I've done
Yet my garden is full, of harmonious plumbs
Polite as strawberry honey, leaking on sheets
Dripping on verses, just to make them sweet
Blood in your hands, now yellow and green
Easter on parad
:iconsour-sauce:Sour-Sauce 2 4
Kermit NO! by Sour-Sauce Kermit NO! :iconsour-sauce:Sour-Sauce 8 5 Rockin' Out by Sour-Sauce Rockin' Out :iconsour-sauce:Sour-Sauce 1 3 Sister's Wedding by Sour-Sauce Sister's Wedding :iconsour-sauce:Sour-Sauce 0 0 Straight Shootin' by Sour-Sauce Straight Shootin' :iconsour-sauce:Sour-Sauce 0 2 Fun with Brother-in-Law by Sour-Sauce Fun with Brother-in-Law :iconsour-sauce:Sour-Sauce 0 0 From Puppy with Love by Sour-Sauce From Puppy with Love :iconsour-sauce:Sour-Sauce 0 1 Toph Beifong - First Person Shooter by Sour-Sauce Toph Beifong - First Person Shooter :iconsour-sauce:Sour-Sauce 3 7
Merely a Bet in the Handshaker's Wager
"Sparing blood dishonors country," handshaker declares.
Red, white, blue... green, yellow, black... there's no colors in war.  We all kiss our babies, just before destroying yours.
Discount the pen.  Only thing mightier than the sword, are pawns being used like neglectful whores.
Winning a battle is to lose all you restore.
:iconsour-sauce:Sour-Sauce 3 0
A Day in the Life of the Uncommonly Ordinary
Every morning that went by, Clarissa grew a little taller.  Of course, convincing her of this wasn't easy.  As the short, 10-year-old child stands on her tippy-toes, stretching her head upwards beside the height-measuring pencil marks on her door frame, a motherly voice calls out.  "Clarissa!  Are you awake, yet?  School starts in 30 minutes, and you've yet to have breakfast, dear."  "Coming, mom!" the dark, curly-haired girl with fair skin replies as she attempts to pencil-in a new line of lead in the frame of her door - only to thicken the previous mark that was made.
A kitchen is a well-organized room.  A place where pots and pans each have their separate locations, and spoons and forks are neatly arranged in extravagant, wooden cabinets.  According to TV, that is.  Samantha Heiden's kitchen felt a bit more 'used,' however.  Empty jars of peanut butter sit on counter tops, while an overflowing bag of waste dwells in a garbage bin tha
:iconsour-sauce:Sour-Sauce 3 6
The Hunt - Part I
"Prepare the experiments for Project 419," a cybernetic voice proposes through a set of intercom speakers.  A tall, white-haired man in his later adult years, stands with a thumb and index finger placed on his chin.  A tag sewn into his white lab coat reads, 'Doctor Atler.'  A plexiglass window is before him.  Behind the reflective barricade, is a metal-framed table with a sleeping dark-haired woman lying upon it.  "Where did you find this one?" the doctor asks with a curious grin.  A soldier, carrying a long, heavy plasma gun, and dressed in orange protective gear, responds in a deep, masculine voice. "She's the last of the infected.  Found her wandering around a dumpster outside a local waffle house."  "Dumpster?" retorts the snowy haired professor.  "Another street rat, I presume?"  "Pretty much," the soldier assures.  "It's that damned economy.  Ever since that crooked bastard, Marcus Santoni took over as mayor, the city h
:iconsour-sauce:Sour-Sauce 2 0
Green Eyes
"Green eyes..." slithered a calm, chilling voice from the tree branches above.  "Who's there?!" cried a boy walking through a graveyard at night.  He knew he shouldn't have taken such a ghastly shortcut through a maze of tombstones.  Night had only fallen, yet already the sky was black as the feathers upon a crow's back.  Fitting.  Because, the sound of screeching fowl, flapping their melancholy wings, echoed upon the land of buried souls.
"Green eyes... green eyes... are watching you..." hissed the voice from above, as the shadowy figure of a cat slid down the base of a tree.  "I'm warning you!" threatened the boy - a frightened tone in his voice.  "Don't make me come after you!" the boy continued, as his eyes quickly darted about in search of a stick to defend himself.  "What's the matter?" retorted the cat, in a smooth, chilling voice.  "Don't you wanna pet me?  Don't you wanna play with me?  Don't you wanna take me home?"
:iconsour-sauce:Sour-Sauce 4 0

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Artist | Literature
United States
Now retired from being shot out of cannons at the local circus, I spend my days touring the globe with my harmonica-playing blues band. When I'm not yelling at a video game for "ripping me off" I can be found writing poetry and fiction. I characterize myself as agender.

I picture my life having a Walt Disney ending. Just not the Old Yeller one.

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We're a somewhat small community online.  We go by /waifu/.  It's a daily thread on 4chan's random board.  You show up, claim your waifu by posting artwork of her/him, and then chat with all the other posters.  Over time, us regulars became friends and got to know each other.  (A rare thing around 4chan.)  Eventually we started our own Discord server.

Yesterday, I received sad news.  One of our friends in the server was no longer gonna be with us.  He could no longer cope with life and decided to take his own life.  It's really hard now, still being in the server, seeing his icon set to offline status, and knowing he's not coming back.  Our friend we once hung out with, played games with, and made jokes with, isn't gonna be around anymore.

Each of us came to those waifu threads on 4chan for a reason.  Some of us were dealing with life.  Some of us just needed a friend.  I guess the "waifu claiming" aspect was just an excuse we all used for joining in and spending time together.  We're like a family in that sense.

We all miss you a lot, Gumi.  And wish you were still with us.

"You don't realize what you have until you no longer have it."  He probably never dreamed that so many people would be mourning his passing, right now.  Guess sometimes you don't realize how much you actually mean to other people.  It's more than you think.  So if you're dealing with depression, or suicidal thoughts, please get some kind of help, and just know that more people love and care about you than you realize.

Gumi by Sour-Sauce

Rest in peace, my friend.  You are forever the best girl.  I'm sorry you didn't find whatever you were looking for in this life.  I hope you find it, someday, and I'll see you down the road.


Anyone for a Bible study?  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Daily Verse by Sour-Sauce


I swear to God.
Never Forget.  9/11 Memorial

"From ashes comes rebirth."

September 11, 2001 Memorial by Atsuke     10 years ago.. by LadyFang
Lost In the Line of Duty by artofmadness     9/11 by thestyleofnostyle
::9/11 Memorial South Pool:: by grvtii     Ground Zero by tallblueangel
9/11 by ArcRoto     ''For the ones who can't forget...'' by Mega-X-stream
9 11 Ice Sculpture by Lone---Wolf     10 years ago.. by LadyFang

Be thankful for whatever you may have in life, because you're not promised tomorrow.

Well... almost!  Watching the tree outside my house bend left, then right, then forwards, then backwards... just like the tazmanian devil on that cartoo-


Thankfully it was only a windstorm blowing over.

And of course, the power flickers out just while I'm trying to catch wild Pokemon on my computer.  Leaving me to sit there alone in the dark, staring at a black screen with the void of silence compassing me.

...did I save my game?

Dorothy by Sour-Sauce :iconsaysplz:"Looks like we're not in Kanto anymore, Totodile."
Don't chase after your dreams.

Run them over like I did!

Woof by Sour-Sauce


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