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Dot Day

Sunday is dot day! Remember, red dots on what you love; blue dots on what you don’t! Mixing those up can cause permanent consequences.
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This picture makes me so stupid happy. LOL
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At first I giggled, and then I gave myself some fluffy feels by telling myself the red dot was from Janice. ....d'aww....
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He's like an older Dib...
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That settles it, Steve. Nobody loves you. This is the circle where you sit if nobody loves you.
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I'm guessing Janice gave him the red dot because she's just that sweet.
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Steve's wife put the red dot. Or maybe she didn't....lolitrollu 
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Love the explanation for the red dot XD
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im in love with your WTNV art la in love 
I love your Steve Carlsburg. That's where his one red dot came from.
Steve gets a lot of blue dots. It's like being the kid who gets no Valentines (in the normal world,) only instead of getting no Valentines, you get cards that specifically state people hate you.
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e v e I wonder who left the red dot.
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Probably himself... LOL 
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I've only listened to 5 episodes. And I fear I may never be able to dislike Steve again. He's just so cute here. =)
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Where did the one red dot on steve come from?  ;)
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Just realizing that there is no visible blue dot on Cecil. Not one. Steve Carlsberg must also participate in Dot Day, right?

New headcanon where Steve shoved a blue one down his throat and stuck it on his straw and insect-filled heart.
What's the one red one on Steve for?
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lol, red dots on Cecil~ XD (i wonder if he put those on himself?) 
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If you think he loves himself
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...why does Steve look like a grown up Dib 0.0
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