Horrortale 57.5 Disclaimer
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"Contains Mature Content?"
No, but it will. 

Sorry this isn't really art, but I wanted to upload something after my announcement on Friday. Please keep the above in mind.
I hoped to get the chapter started tonight, but if not, it'll start tomorrow.
Updates may still be shaky until the end of November. I'll do my best, though. 

Stay tuned!
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Comments (78)
Nikolay1999's avatar
How something can be darker than putting a girl on a grill alive and then rip her arm off?!
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TheAustralianBucket's avatar
You haven't seen much then, rookie.
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SpringSonic1987's avatar
"Also, feel free to pray to your god, but, spoilers... I won't be listening."

-Abridged!Perfect Cell
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Rising-Blood-Moon's avatar
Rising-Blood-Moon|Hobbyist General Artist
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PeachFoxy's avatar
PeachFoxy|Student Artist
Yesssss I'm ready for THIS XD
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FoxySG765's avatar
FoxySG765|Hobbyist Digital Artist
im fine with that
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Niomi-Chan237's avatar
Niomi-Chan237|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dude. Dude I have been waiting for this. I am SOOO SENSITIVE but I am totally waiting for this! It ain't called Horrortale for nothing and the first page was our first taste. Tingles are going down my back :333
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DarkPeCook's avatar
As long as no Rape content, I'm okay with it
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Yu-Nalu's avatar
Yu-Nalu|Hobbyist General Artist
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Imaginationstudios43's avatar
Imaginationstudios43|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i'll risk it
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byoneproductions's avatar
byoneproductions|Hobbyist General Artist
i'm quite excited to see how chapter 4 will come out as, ever since we left the last part of the 'present' at a cliff.
i hope you enjoy doing the next page in the story, and good luck, as doing a great plot is hard, although you are making it through swimmingly right now!
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glitchydemonfairy's avatar
So ready for the nightmares! Halloween is so near! This story is perfect for this beautiful party! I am ready!
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casdomdon's avatar
You're gonna have a HORRIFIC time...
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JustARegularPeach's avatar
i hope i won't be able to sleep after reading it!
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Hiding-Ghosttown's avatar
Hiding-Ghosttown|Student Traditional Artist
Oh my God, i can't wait !!!!!!La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la 
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Lolinondoda's avatar
Lolinondoda|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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CNeko-chan's avatar
CNeko-chan|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can’t wait ^^
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The-deadly-brain's avatar
The-deadly-brain|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fuck yeah
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lbew's avatar
It's gonna get darker... is that even possible?
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Naehja's avatar
It's still the flash-back with Sans or we return with Aliza?
I can't wait *o*
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Armegaddon's avatar
Armegaddon|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dark...yet darker...

I'm excited to see! So far loved the rest of the comic and love horror so should be fantastic :D
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Xonter51stibium's avatar
Yes. My mind and psyche is ready.
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LaRomanceWriter's avatar
It's called Horrortale, I was honestly expecting more gore and guts and this point but now with that missing arm I'm SUPER DUPER excited to see the gore score turn to 11! HALLOW'S EVE FOR THE WIN BABY!
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