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Hi! I'm the creator of the fanmade Undertale AU, "Horrortale" (and other various goodies).

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Hi! Welcome to my Deviant page. Recently I've gotten pretty popular with my idea "SAS Horrortale", so I just wanted to point out a few things. *"Horrortale" is an alternate universe based on Toby Fox's videogame "Undertale". He did all the hard work of coming up with the characters in the first place, so if you enjoy my AU and haven't yet played the game, please give it a check-out and support the original creator. *A "Horrortale" minigame can be played here! *You are welcome to use Horrortale however you like, as long as it follows Toby Fox's rules of merchandising. Basically, anything for free is totally fine (gifts, fanart, cosplay, fan
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Hey, I have a random question. How tall is horrortale sans?

Hey!! I adore your AU like SO much, but I have several questions and a bit of critique. I have no idea if you will end up reading this, but regardless, I might as well take my chance and ask.

Firstly, why in Gods name aren’t the monsters keeping the human souls to get to the surface where they can have as much food as they need?Theyve had more than seven humans by now consumed. Are they eating the souls too? Why isn’t anyone monitoring to make sure they collect souls? Is there a genuine explanation for this?

Secondly, I have a huge gripe with Horrortale Papyrus. I feel like his breaking point was a little too simple? “Sans gave him mystery meat to cook and now he loves human meat” doesnt make too much sense. It also seemed like you were infantalizing him and his intelligence, considering literally only seconds after Sans was talking about eating humans did Sans offer Papyrus the meat. I don’t think he’d fall for that so easily. Sure, sometimes things go over his head, but being handed meat after a conversation like that? I don’t think so. Where would meat even come from in the underground to make Papyrus believe even remotely that its not human? Every "meat" they ate underground was plants, like water sausages, since animals dont exactly live down there.

Thirdly, how many years have gone by since Frisk left? What else could they have possibly been eating? Theres no way humans are falling in that often, so they must have other sources of food.

Fourthly, does Aliza have a backstory or family? Or do we get to make up a past for her ourselves as viewers?

Finally, I was wondering, are you ever going to continue Horrortale? We got a pretty anticlimatic ending, which of course was probably one of the neutral endings. I'd love to see where else the story could lead. If not through comic, ill it be continued through the game or a story? If you do, are you ever planning to show current-time Alphys and Mettaton? We saw Alphys's tragic fate, but we havent seen whats going on with her in present-time. Same with Mettaton, which I am curious about.

If you did read this, thank you so much for your time!

hii, i wanna answer some of these questions for you because i used to be confused about some of the same things as well.

(If you haven't finished HT yet, uh spoiler warning.)

1. No one's collecting souls because after Sans's fight with Undyne, (I'm assuming he did this out of rage/anger) he told everyone that Undyne was putting up a new policy, that everyone had to eat human and no one could bring it up to her because “Her majesty is really sore about her complete and utter failure in saving us.” (Page 38) Though it is possible BEFORE their fight, souls were harvested. Undyne did say to MK "Let’s face it. Unless the final human walks past us in the next 5 minutes, we might as give-” (page 47) Which leads me to assume Undyne at the time had 6 souls harvested (But I'm not sure if that's like her because I feel like after having 1 soul she'd go to the surface to harvest 7 to break the barrier. Maybe she's too weak now or was back then.)

2. (Not gonna answer the thing about Papyrus because I personally can get behind his "transformation" / change in character. I still wonder how Sans got that mystery meat tho, maybe we'll get to see in Book 2.)

3. It has been 7 years (Look at pages 23 and 44.) Sans mentions right before he tears off Aliza's arm that he hasn't had a bite to eat in 7 years, and Papyrus says "It's been 8 years and you still haven't-" referring to sans not working on his stations. So it's been 7 years since Frisk left. (I know papyrus said 8 but that's counting the year that Frisk was there)

4. Aliza does have a backstory, a few years ago (i think, or at least, some time ago.) SAS *the creator of Horrortale, calling her SAS because it takes less time to type* posted an image of Aliza and her mom and in the description was Aliza's back story, (read this wiki here for it: I still have the picture of Aliza and her mom (It's not on the wiki for some reason) But I'm not going to post it in this message because I have no idea if SAS is okay with it being shared since the original post was deleted or taken down.

5. Yes, SAS is continuing the story, if you look at her twitter it says she is drafting Book 2 (The second part of Horrortale) Also recently she posted a drawing of HT Muffet onto here.

no offense, but I was asking the creator in the slim chance of response, haha. I appreciate you trying to answer though!

It still doesnt make sense for nobody to be keeping human souls, even with Sans's message. Monsters arent that stupid, they'd know that the surface has more food and is better than where they are at. Also, I think maybe the creator was going for the "six human souls survived Omega Flowey" concept. Also, its been eight years since the starvation started, but theres no clear indication that ive found on just how long its actually been since Undyne was crowned.

The topic of Papyrus's intelligence makes me very uncomfortable as an autistic person, because he has a lot of autistic traits, so I'd rather not discuss it with HT fans, since this message was for the creator, not the fans (again, no offense in that regard, your response is still respected.)

Thanks for letting me know about Aliza's backstory, I didnt know that! I did find out she was continuing the story some time back tho ^^;

the monsters dont hunt the humans themselves, sans and papyrus do through their 'games' and then give it to grillby. sans would destroy the soul.

as for the papyrus thing, thats ur headcanon. u cant critisize someone elses' papyrus because u find it offensive to ur view of him. i dont even think that its the creators intent to make papyrus fall for it so easily, its just that papyrus trusts sans a lot as his brother.

also, it does make sense as irl, eating human meat makes u crazy.

Thank you, also I'm sorry about the Papyrus bit, I believe Papyrus has Autism too and now that I think about it I understand how he's portrayed could offend someone. Also I understand if you think the monsters eating human is unrealistic but the monsters of Snowdin respect Sans and Papyrus much more than they do Undyne. I'm not gonna get into the lore again 'cause that'll just waste time but bits of chapters 3 & 4 and Aliza's interaction with the monsters in Grillby's kinda show that. Also you're welcome for Aliza's backstory! :D I feel like not enough people know about it.

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