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Just a still life I set up in my living room.
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I thought this was a photo O-O
eheh ita bootcamp
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Go home Shoe! You're Drunk!
You're not a CD player, YOU ARE A SHOE!
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Nice shoes :3 I like the stool too.
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The moment when you realise that it's a painting. :iconherpderpplz:
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Its my favorite Chinpokomon!
Epic comment is epic.
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Strangely similar to my appartement. :o
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First Thought: Okay this is interesting but why did you take that picture

Second Thought: I see deep meanings in this photo

Third Thought (after seeing the comments): HOLY SHIT IT ISN'T A PHOTO AND >YOU< ARE AMAZING
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Looks like a photograph or a professional painting.
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does....does it like acdc????? lolz.
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This is incredible.
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Observational painting is the best!~
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Oh my god I thought this was a photo..
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your ability to see and portray color is incredible
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Hold on bro, is this a painting? What medium is this? It's so well done I can't classify it.
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Your still life set-up is funny. I see that wine bottles, martinis and fruits just aren't expensive, but also a big cliche.
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It..looks so.. fricking real!!
you got somme serious skills!
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The art skills is strong in you.
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WAIT. What the hell? That's a painting?! Seriously thought that was a photograph.
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This is my favorite Chinpokomon. Great revamp!
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