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EEVEE - Old version

My Revamp of the Pokemon Eevee.

The updated version :[link]
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Elsabear47's avatar
That's one depressed Eevee
PhoebeChops2009's avatar
I actually like this.
pastelicecream's avatar
W H A T  H A V E  Y O U  D O N E
AlphaShitlord's avatar
It reminds me of Jim Carrey as the Grinch
DillanSparda's avatar
ikr :D somehow it's funny xD
Wulfdawulf's avatar
What is this monstrosity ;-;
GrahamSandwich's avatar
w h a t  t h e  f u c k
corychampion31's avatar
why are you ruining my childhood??
WillyPahl's avatar
nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope 
Stevie12312312's avatar
i don't like this

not one bit at all
CaseyCorrupted's avatar
thanks for the nightmares, tvtropes.
EeveeofDarkness99's avatar
Well... That's an interesting Eevee....
0ccums-Razor's avatar
Whoa, serious uncanny valley there....
Shadowkey392's avatar

nice job!
1N3FF4BL3's avatar
AngryBirds514's avatar
:iconespurrohgodplz:This eevee loks like a retarded avast's lovechild. I could draw it better if im you :iconeevee-plz:
Griffonmender's avatar
Your constructive criticism is not very constructive. ^^;
pokemon151720's avatar
It’s more like destructive criticism
Sadranus-The-SAP's avatar
You did a very good job making Eevee look like it has a squashed face, like a Japanese Chin. But I would like to know why it has two different color eye, and what they may mean. Good job on incorporating the basic Eevee-lutions with the earings!
Mondwolke's avatar
God you ruined her :(
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