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A revamp of the Pokemon Bulbasaur
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Voice-of-Kujira's avatar
It's creepy ... but ... still really cute somehow ;w; <33
glazuki's avatar
definitely made it look more like a dinosautr
DEES-NUTS-NO-MO's avatar
these r so god damn amazing
sasukedarkflame's avatar
Why is it in pain?
Skeith-Skeith-Skeith's avatar
well, maybe because a huge parasytic plant is growing on the poor poor animals back?

love Bulbasaur, best grass starter. (best fire is Cyndaquil, best water is Mudkip)

lordaethis's avatar
the eye is creepy but i love this version so much more
Snakeman2013's avatar
its cute, ill say that
SteamEngineCombust's avatar
So cool! He has real reptilian features here. And really nice details on the scales, bulb, and eyes.
TurqouiseSnowFlakes's avatar
That's actually quite cute
Loganius's avatar
Sir! You have solved my problem! I've been trying to make the creature in the middle [link] have the plant growth look more natural, and this is exactly the way to do it! Cheers!
VoidParad0x's avatar
I can't even stress how astonished and amazed at how accurate these poke-revamps are. All of the pokemon revamps are just outright FANTASTIC. Please keep up the good work.
LilacPearl's avatar
Why are people freaked out by these? They're freaking cool! :)
sasukedarkflame's avatar
Ikr? Im like...
Think aboutit
SirInkgeist's avatar
sasukedarkflame's avatar
After Charizard and its Evolutionds...mine too
glargondangit56's avatar
What the....I can't sleep now! lol It's awesome, dude. :fear:
plushbug's avatar
That is
Nostalgia Critic: Oh, Bulbasaur what'd they do to you?
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