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I'm finally publicly stating this:  I do accept requests!

Under the following conditions, though:
1. Requests must comply with the Deviant Art rules. All requests will be uploaded here for multiple reasons.
2. If you wish for your request to remain anonymous, I will not list it as a request, but I will send you a note when I upload.
3. Please look through my gallery to get an idea of the kind of art I create. This will hopefully give you an idea on whether or not I'll create your request and save us both some time.
4. There are a few things that I simply won't do:
-Violence/Gore (especially towards women)
-Gigantic breasts
-Things involving the various excretions of the human body
-Things for which I lack content (unless I think I can create the missing content myself, or you have an idea that I REALLY want to do)

I'm not going to look down on you for being into any of the things I won't create, it's just that they're of no interest to me. I'm sure there a few other things that I won't do, either, but I cannot think of them at the moment. Keep in mind that I do this as a hobby. I may not be able to complete/upload your request quickly. Please try to limit your request to 1-2 images or items. I'll be doing this for free, so I'll be reserving my right of refusal for any reason not previously stated.