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300th Comparison by soup-sammich 300th Comparison by soup-sammich
On top we have the default Iray shaders for the sword and shield.  Not bad, but they could still use a little improvement.  I also tweaked the "Rose and Thorn" 'Armor' textures (all default content available at Daz), so I should note here that the default textures you see in the top image are the default 3Dlight (3Delight?) textures for Rose and Thorn with the Iray Uber Material set applied to them.

The bottom image was created after many painstaking hours watching (and trying to keep up with) Substance Painter tutorials.  It is truly the result of a SP beginner.  Very few of the textures were created entirely by me (and even those were guided).  Most were slightly tweaked "Smart Materials" that come default with SP.

Lessons learned: First and foremost, when exporting an object from Daz, ensure that you have a UV map for import into SP.  If not, you'll end up with a separate file for each texture domain.  Literally EACH texture domain.  This image had 7 SP textured .obj's, each with 2-6 individual textures each.  Combine that with an image file for each channel (8-9 in total, sorry for the inaccuracy, the Jameson is setting in real good now) and you've got quite a bit of Daz texture application ahead of you.  (Maths says 112-378 image files, many of which redundant)  Second: CREATE UV MAPS for import into SP.  Seriously.  Third: If you don't create UV maps, prepare to spend A LOT of time individually texturing everything.  Fourth: (Again with the UV maps, we get it...)  Since I didn't create and import a UV map, I thought I might just combine the 8-9ish files for each channel into one image file with GIMP.  Holy *expletive deleted Batman*, did that take up a lot of time and effort.  I spent about 30 minutes to get the "Base Color" on Nikki's scabbard into one file (I also did the sword...  another 30 minutes...  Content creators, I know you have monetary gain as an incentive, but seriously, MAD respect).  I didn't even try for the Specular, Diffuse, Glossiness, Bump, etc...  Fifth:  When using the SP "Smart Material" for Burlap (R&T skirt), don't make it too dark.  You'll lose all the detail.  Finally:  MAKE A UV MAP!  Unwrap that .obj and spend a little time getting the UV's in one file.  Then spend a little more time setting up the ID file (just coloring each domain with a different color).  Seriously, don't do it like I did.

Each of these renders was done with the following content (named to the best of my current ability): Genesis 2 Female (plus a lot of morph packages), Rose and Thorn, Fantasy Weapons, Fiona Hair, and The Ruins.  Iray settings were basically default (maxed out Samples, Time, and Rendering Converged at 99.5) with the default "Ruins" image for lighting.  I only modified the wardrobe and weaponry in Substance Painter.  Other than the "hand poses" that come with Fantasy Weapons for the sword, the posing was done by me.  (Hand pose was for expediency sake.)  All SP textures were exported as 2160x2160 (edit: CORRECTION 2048x2048) .jpeg files.

(note: I'm about to start rendering a video {hopefully upload as a .gif} of Nikki modeling the SP textured armor and weaponry for a better look at how the textures respond to environment light at various angles.  Look for that to be uploaded soon...ish...)
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October 5, 2017
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