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3D cute, sexy petite girls
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Constructive Criticism and the Commercial Artist
This is a topic that is much more sensitive than it really should be.  I wanted to cover it in detail because this entry has around 27k views now, so there's clearly a little interest in the overall topic of making freelance 3d art for a living.  This is going to be a lengthy article, but I think the discussion of how we deal with constructive criticism is a perennially important one, to the commercial artist first, but second to every artist that wants to improve their work.
Against the dim possibility that you're here at random from deviantart or elsewhere, and not someone already familiar with the world of rendering in Iray through Daz Studio, I'm a 3d artist who primarily sells art assets through a broker, Daz3d, and occasionally through a smaller broker, Renderosity. 
I offer a broker a product, and they decide whether to accept it onto the marketplace or not.  They
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I do accept requests, under the following conditions:
1. Requests must comply with the Deviant Art rules. All requests will be uploaded here for multiple reasons.
2. If you wish for your request to remain anonymous, I will not list it as a request, but I will send you a note when I upload.
3. Please look through my gallery to get an idea of the kind of art I create. This will hopefully give you an idea on whether or not
I'll create your request and save us both some time.
4. There are a few things that I simply won't do:
-Violence/Gore (especially towards women)
-Gigantic breasts
-Things involving the various excretions of the human body
-Things for which I lack content (unless I think I can create the missing content myself, or you have an idea that I REALLY want to do)

I'm not going to look down on you for being into any of the things I won't create, it's just that they're of no interest to me. I'm sure there a few other things that I won't do, either, but I cannot think of them at the moment. Keep in mind that I do this as a hobby. I may not be able to complete/upload your request quickly. Please try to limit your request to 1-2 images or items. I'll be doing this for free, so I'll be reserving my right of refusal for any reason not previously stated.


One Finger Selfie Challenge
Jada has taken the OFSC!

edit: For those who don’t know, 3r0t1c4 provided the inspiration for this image with is wonderful image he so kindly linked in the comments! If you haven’t seen his work I highly recommend you take a look!
Glamour (Post Work vs Original Comparison)
This is the "side by side" comparison of my "Glamour" render before and after post work.  There's not much else to say about this image, aside from me providing you with links to both of the "full" versions...  So here you go! :D

Original version: Glamour (Original, No Post Work) by soup-sammich
Post work version: Glamour (Post Work Version) by soup-sammich
Glamour (Original, No Post Work)
This is the direct (Beauty) output from Daz.  It's not BAD, but it's certainly nothing to write home about.  A little dark, maybe?  Definitely.  Unless you're going for a dark render (and I wasn't), this won't work.  You can't really see Jada's eyes and there's quite a bit of jagged shadow wherever there's a light/dark transition.  It's difficult to tell in this image that she has a fairly bright mesh spotlight above her.  The shadows of her leg and the chair helps a bit to hint that there's another light source above her, but you don't really get a sense of it with the rest of the image.  None of the whites of her dress or shoes appear white.  They're all pretty much just bland shades of grey.  There's also quite a bit of render noise.  Render noise is something I haven't really been able to avoid without creating an image 2-4 times the size of my intended size and shrinking it to 1920x1080, 1080x1920, whatever.  The point being, the De-Noise options in photo manipulation software can help A LOT when it comes to ridding your render of that unwanted render noise.  You'll want to duplicate the layer and use the duplicate either as the base for your manipulations, or use it as a semi-transparent layer to just cut down on the amount of noise in the render.  For my post worked version of this image, I used the duplicate for the latter.  Often (I've noticed with Photoshop, at least) the De-Noise functionality will cause a reduction in color saturation.  So, it is important that you duplicate the original before de-noising the render.  More often than not, I need to do some further manipulation to bring the reds back into the image.  Be that erasing bits of the "de-noise" layer, or just a bit of saturation work...

At any rate, I've run out of ways to critique my own work and promote the use of post work for the moment, so...

Post work version: Glamour (Post Work Version) by soup-sammich
Side by side comparison: Glamour (Post Work vs Original Comparison) by soup-sammich
Glamour (Post Work Version)
Ah, post work.  There's a school of thought among many 3D artists that post work (outside of maybe fixing some poke through) makes rendering too easy, or somehow makes it less pure?  I'm not saying they're wrong.  I, myself, used to strive to do as little post work as possible.  I wanted to create the best renders possible and not have to export them to another program for "fixing."  For most of my time working in 3D I worked hard to get the absolutely perfect render in Carrara and later Daz, spending countless hours positioning lights, tweaking the depth of field just so, manipulating textures/shaders.  Eventually I found GIMP, and relatively soon thereafter, I was able to afford a subscription to Photoshop.  These additional tools GREATLY reduced my time in the rendering software.  Don't get me wrong, I still spend most of my free time between work and sleep posing, tweaking, building, texturing, etc.  The skills I built while trying to perfect the render are still there, but I don't have to utilize them as often, because of post work.  For any of you who may be new to 3D, or are looking to change things up a bit, I highly recommend trying to get a result like this image without the post work.  There are SO MANY tutorials out there for lighting, composition, texturing, shader manipulation, etc, etc, etc.  You will gain so much more experience in your software of choice if you force yourself to rely on it alone.

For this render I spent about 8 hours over 3 days composing the image, creating content (the dress), and around 16 hours (I restarted it a couple times) rendering the original.  I spent a further 1.5 hours in photoshop tweaking.  Had I tried to do this entirely in Daz, I would probably still be working on it...

I rendered the following canvases to aide in my post work, Beauty, Light Group, and Distance. The Beauty is the render as a whole, and a good place to start.  Daz will export a .exr file along with the image type of your choice (mine is .png since DA stopped accepting .bmp).  The other canvases will export only as .exr files.  I used the Light Group canvas to increase the brightness of the overhead lights in the background (although, only just) and to provide some more illumination to the scene.  I used the Distance canvas to add further blur to the background.

Original image: Glamour (Original, No Post Work) by soup-sammich
Side by side comparison: Glamour (Post Work vs Original Comparison) by soup-sammich


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