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long time - no screenie
finished up The Last of Us earlier this year, now working on the DLC: Left Behind - so i've been a little busy ;)
celebrating my new 27" LED monitors!
i've added my inspiration from ~bitterologist in the shot Nod 

let's see what we've got in here ...  
vs ... Ikea by chungkan - Green Mod by me - Available at the link below!
rain ... July Flat'ish by evertonstz ... roboto/android mod by me - Available at the link below!
taskbar icons ... Zanilla by PointVision
explorer icons ...Flat for IconPackager by Black-A
font ... roboto

*** UPDATING with link to VS and .RMSKIN ***


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very good i love you
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thanks - love your work! :)
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Np and thx u :)
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Sorry for bothering u, i searched on google and didnt find it, how do i take off the borders of the windows and let it squared? Thanks , i love your screens!!!
I have windows 7
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I think this may be the droid you are looking for :)

Thanks and Cheers!
How do I install? :S
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for the VS theme - download and then just copy the files into your themes folder, the rainmeter skin is a one-click install once it's downloaded.
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wow - love your work - thanks so much!
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Very nice theme! :)
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Very nice. Great theme.
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super shot , awesome work men
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thanks - LOVE your work :) !!!
hope you feel better mate. excellent mod you got there.
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thanks! hopefully get this together today :)
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sorry everyone - i've had the flu the past couple of days, so i'm not at the computer with the files :( ... hopefully in the next day or two i'll be back as good as new.
what about the ls? can you share please? this looks so badass.
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