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Logan-The-RoleplayerStudent Writer
Looks sorta like the Crimson from Destiny 2. Nice work.
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Love the 6-o-clock bore position.
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DarkAcreJackStudent General Artist
Yeah, it's a cool pass at an interesting design, but as a lover of revolvers I have to raise a concern about the lower barrel not lining up with the cylinders. An easy fix to lower/raise one or the other. The hammer issue bugs me too but not as much as knowing a bullet couldn't fire out of this. Yeah, you can argue that it's all a "work of the imagination", but if it really is for a videogame, and one where the player has their choice of weapons, people who like/know how revolvers work are going to come to the same conclusions when choosing this one. Sorry for the nitpick, it's an otherwise great piece!
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Maybe the hammer rotates down

Maybe it's his design and he can make it how he wants
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wow boy calm down
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HypnoZeus General Artist
what about a Forked firing pin that strikes Both the top and bottom at once?
I mean if you want something to work bad enough you can find a way
Double Barrel Gun Blade by HypnoZeus  
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Yes, I do understand how revolvers work. I understand that under-side barreled revolvers are quite complex and that the hammer isn't facing the right direction. I understand they aren't very popular.

I also understand that you are being too much of a stickler for realistic touches - which isn't always what we want in art.

If he wants to make a fictional gun that works the way he wants, then let him.
SoundHunter's avatar The perspective can be deceiving.
Speaking of hammers. I can't guarantee that it's perfectly correct. But as I've said it's logical enough for its purpose.
I know that when you're competent in something you just cannot ignore any flaws. I hope it's not a huge eyesore in that case.
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DarkAcreJackStudent General Artist
That 3D render goes a long way in helping to better visualize the design, thanks for sharing!
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SpeedFreak03Hobbyist General Artist
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wouldnt work thou the hammer hits the top bullet in the cylinder and the barrel is on the bottom....
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what exactly makes you think so?
the "outer" part of the hammer can have any form.…
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yes but the hammer still needs to hit the firing pin and still be light enough for the hammer spring to kick it into the firing pin.
the concept is good but the hammer cant be too large or else it wont work
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NaqelHobbyist General Artist
The gun you designed would explode instead of firing.
Even if you provided an internal schematic, flaws in it could be easily pointed out leading to that result.

Also: broken link.
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It can be a long and meaningless discussion.
You guys take it too seriously. It's not a concept of the firing mechanism. It's a concept of weapon for a video game.
Yes, everything should be logical. And it's logical enough for its purpose.
I'm not taking pleasure in reinventing the wheel.

Great if it's your field of expertise, but I guess it's not the best place to show it off then.

fixed link
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While there is a time-honored tradition of bludgeoning -also known as "buffaloing"- an adversary with the barrel of a large revolver, I find that blood and hair in the cylinder mechanisms is never a desirable thing.
Just, y'know, sayin'..
Love the bottom-chamber-fires, config, btw- the only smart way to configure a heavy-caliber revolver. Sadly, not a very common layout.
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It's rather difficult to get the hammer to reach the bottom of the cylinder unless you raise the entire cylinder-and-hammer assembly (which defeats the purpose of lowering the axis of recoil), or use the hammer to activate a linkage transferring the angular momentum to the bottom (additional moving parts).  Either way, messy mechanics.

But, an interesting concept, if only for the shock value,
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Yeah- I've looked at the mechanical diagrams for Mateba's original design, and Chiappa's newer Rhino- you're right, they're complicated as hell.
While their appearance- 'shock value', as you put it, is certainly sweet, my fondness for low-chambers stems from the the difference they exhibit in.. let's call it 'mechanical interaction' with the shooter's wrist and arm.

See, pistols almost exclusively have the firing chamber above the shooter's hand and thus, wrist. That means that upon firing, the pistol generally wants to torque upwards at the wrist as part of its recoil.
When you place the chamber in front of the hand much of the torque at the wrist is negated, as the recoil force goes straight up the.. core.. of the wrist and arm, rather than above and parallel to the wrist and arm as is the norm.
Notionally, at least, this would allow for wrist-breaking calibers to be fired safely -well, more safely, maybe. As it stands, I think .44 magnum is the biggest chambering of the Rhino. Not that there a huge number of standard calibers above that, so, <shrug>.

Er.. sorry if that was a lecture. It wasn't my intent.
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I understand completely. I have been shooting since I was nine years old (full disclosure; I am 59 now), and the first two handguns I was trained on were a WWII GI-issue 1911 .45 caliber, and a .357mag revolver ... both weapons engineered for an adult hand. Recoil and I are old friends. Amd, a co-worker showed me his .50 caliber revolver (that is not a typo) ... the beast is extremely heavy; I'm half-afraid to accept his invitation to the range.

I remember the recoil trying to lift the weapon out of my hand, which, as a science geek from WAY back, I recognized as a result of the axis of recoil running parallel to deck about an inch-and-a-half above my hand.

Maybe we should all take up fencing? An excellent way to improve wrist strength, and a decent reason to take up an alternate weapon and fighting form.
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Ha! I'm in!
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Eden-WestProfessional Digital Artist
Your graphics are so fresh it hurts. 
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gonna post new stuff soon)
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