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Hi, people!
I like to draw and paint humanoids in different styles.
Wanna try to draw aliens and ponies.
Check out my commission info down there :D
You may pay by points or by PayPal.


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I've finally became tagged in this stuff, thanks to MalkavianOne ^_^

1. What is your favorite book/ piece of written media and why?
I'm Russian and I love all books written by Victor Pelevin.
2. What was the last piece of media-- film, art, written, videogames, etc-- that utterly wrecked you emotionally?
It was a music track by Skrillex, OST for Kingdom Hearts 3.
3. What was one time where you were proud and faced your fears?
Wow, relates to a name of the song from the previous question :D
Last October I moved out from my parents, even though they didn't want to let me go and now they miss me very much. I overcame guilt and many fears in favor of self-dependence and regret nothing :)
4. Okay, for reals, though-- Would you rather own a tiny battle dragon that can do a flame breath attack once a day before he's too exhausted.... Or have a big ass sword that narrates everything you do in a loud, sportscaster's voice?
What a tough choice... I adore dragons and loud voices, but I'm not fit enough to handle a sword, so I'd choose a dragon.
5. If you could visit any time or place in the known universe, where/ when would you go and why?
I'd go in a current time into any virtual reality presentation or a Skrillex gig.
6. What is your best quality?
Everybody who contacts with me says that they feel very good when they're with me. I guess, I have good vibes.
7. If you could choose only one, what piece of music or song would you want everyone to hear?
It would be any live performance of a jazz song.
8. What do you think would make the world a better place?
Absence of long winters. Seriously, it's depressing. I live in a place where winter lasts for 7 months - more than a half of a year!
9. What animal holds the most fascination for you?
Giraffes. They're so cool and so pleasant to interact with. I had a pleasure to feed them in Thailand, it was incredible and I could do it for eternity.
10. What is your favorite memory?
Giraffes from Thai  ^_^
11. What food haven't you tried yet that you want to?
I have never tried oysters. I want to, but I'm afraid that I won't... erm... digest it correctly ^_^'
12. When you're feeling down, what do you do to make yourself feel better?
I listen to aggressive music imagining scenes where I aggressively and violently defeat my problems.
And playing brutal video games shouting: 'TAKE THAT, MOTHERF***ER!' helps, too. Of course I imagine brutal killing of my problem instead of a computer monster.
Bonus Question: Are you a creature of order or an agent of chaos?
Order! Definitely order.

And Now: 
Quick recap of the rules 
1. Answer the 12 questions at the end of the journal you've been tagged in 
2. Make up 12 new questions to the deviants you tag
3. Tag 12 deviants

My questions to you:
1. Do you have a favorite brand of art supplies?
2. Any favorite comedy person?
3. Are you subscribed to any magazines?
4. Are you always waiting for a time to end during school/work instead of working?
5. Have you ever tried that psychological experiment with a list of questions to fall in love with a stranger?
6. When was the last time you got a new watcher here?
7. What's your favorite jam flavor?
8. How often do you need to charge your phone?
9. What's your favorite short joke?
10. How often do you cook for yourself?
11. Do you prefer a wireless mouse and keyboard or a wired ones?
12. What do you think about people who use their own photos as a wallpaper?

And onto the tags!:
1. aemty
2. Aya-I
12. TJSS08


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