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Upojenie IconPack 1

Here's Upojenie Iconpack nr. 1 with some icons I made on request. 9 Icons in total + 4 alternatives.

In the following order: Analytics, Articles, BeejiveIM, Birdhouse, Dropbox, Flixster/Movies, Installous, Instapaper and Worms.


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Nice work, very nice :)
Don't miss to see my Video APP Promo ==> [link]
If you like give a rate and share it please, Thank you ;)
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Thanks, glad you like these icons. :)
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Fantastic icon! Cant change the BeejiveIM on my iPad? do i have to create a folder inside the Theme folder on iFile? Or were do i have to put the icon so i will change it? TNks
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Thanks! This theme is made for iPhone. I really don't know how to change it on your iPad. Maybe Google will do the trick. ;)
vicky7882002's avatar
Stunning work!
I love them:D:+fav:
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Thanks, glad you love them and thanks for the :+fav: ;)
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Prnv-10's avatar
Nice icons there!

Cocktail glass icons - [link]
0reon's avatar
amazing icons, can i use one of the icons for my avatar?
SoundForge's avatar
Thanks mate! :)

As said to many deviants (who requested the same), Upojenie is meant to be a iPhone/iPod Touch theme and not a repository of avatars. So I've to disappoint you by saying no to your request. I hope you will undrstand this.
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These are amazing, especially BeejiveIM and Movies, great work my friend! :wow:
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:aww: Thank you buddy! Appreciate your compliment a lot!! :)
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Another gorgeous iconpack.

Added on pixartica
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Thanks for the compliment and the feature on pixartica, much appreciated! :D
shlyapnikova's avatar
Great! As usually very amazing icons! :) Movies icon has a remarkable metaphor! :thumbsup:

You are pleasant to me :heart:, therefore I wish to carp at you :D In my opinion, Analitic Icon seems darker (boringly) than others.
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Thanks Anna, much appreciated! ;)

The Movies icon is supposed to be a popcorn machine and I think it succeeded pretty well :)

I agree with you regarding the Analytics icon, but hey, they can't be all "amazing" :P. Let's say I had a metaphorical inspirational breakdown! :D
shlyapnikova's avatar
Your metaphorical inspirational breakdown was rather short ;)
antialiasfactory's avatar
DAMN GOOD, it's simply a word : Expertise ..
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