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Trash Can Icon

Wanted to have this Trash Can for a long time. Searched everywhere on the www but couldn't find it anywhere (except a 128x128 version, which I received from a fellow deviantART artist), so I decided to make/recreate it myself today and gave it a little twist of my own. Because it came out pretty well I thought why not share it with my deviantART friends.

I claim no credit, all credit go to Anton Gerasimenko who made the original Old School Trash Icon and I hereby want to thank him for his inspiration! (Thanks for your info ~Shrantellatessa! ;))

Hope you like this icon. (If you do, please fav and/or comment. Would be much appreciated!)

No commercial use of these icons is allowed. Do not make the ZIP file available anywhere else than here not WATERMARK the preview.
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I love this trash can!

I've never tried these trash cans before. Maybe they're good, I really don't know. I have never bought a dumpster because I use the services of a company that provides disposal bin renta services. The company always fulfills the order on time, fast delivery and pickup. I like that the trash bun was placed exactly where I asked for it, and then the container filled with garbage was removed in time. I have already had problems with other companies about their service, but not with this one. By the way, what is important as well, this company treats its customers with respect, that's why I recommend it.

Oh I know this company, they have a really good service!

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permit to used, thank you
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this is a good one. keep it going. :) 
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Muchas Gracias from Spain
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De nada from Holland ;)
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It looks cool....
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This is simply the best Trash dock icon on deviantART! Thank you!!
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Thanks for your compliment, much appreciated! ;)
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You're welcome. Check it out [link]
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Thanks, glad you like it! :D
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You're welcome! ;)
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Thanks, glad you like it! Enjoy! ;)
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