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Shattered Glass Prime Vol2 - 64

By SoundBluster
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Character  AirachnidCharacter  BlackarachniaCharacter  HardshellLocation  Cybertron
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Flashback time!
I hope the speech bubbles are legible, I tried mutliple different font types and colours to try and indidicate they're speaking a different language, but they either didn't look right, clashed with the artwork or I felt they were too hard to read. So just inverting the colours seemed the best option.


Characters included:
Airachnid, Blackarachnia, Hardshell

Cover Art -> Coming soon...
First Page (Volume 2) -> Shattered Glass Prime Vol2 - 1

EXTRA Minicomics ->…

Note: Shattered Glass is the transformers version of the classic Sci Fi mirror-verse trope, where the Decepticons are the good guys fighting against the evil Autobots.
Transformers & the character's shown belong to Hasbro/Takara, I just made up the fan design(s)
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These two adorable......

But I think that Blackarachnia is going to die isn't she?

silverbolt1499's avatar

:3 love these two

silverbolt1499's avatar

I also like how less monsterous you made Hardshell

SoundBluster's avatar

XD Well it is a mirror universe.

silverbolt1499's avatar

makes me wonder how the Dinobots look

silverbolt1499's avatar

nice addition of the feathers

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captain1701D's avatar

Also, those are some cute expressions on those spiders.

SoundBluster's avatar
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They both look so cute as a spiders ^^

Nortstar's avatar

you are welcome :hug:

Eric743's avatar

Blackarachnia is just being a realistic teacher Airachnid. Gotta fight dirty to protect your queen.

ToaNaruto's avatar

Aw, I don't know why, but seeing spiders doing "eye expressions" look pretty cute. Or maybe it's just Airachnid and Blackarachnia being special cases...

A little tip: maybe have the comma after "Overconfident" be a period instead. I think that it might make the speech bubble flow more neatly. Just a thought.

SoundBluster's avatar
Oops, thanks a lot for the pointer!
ToaNaruto's avatar

One more little detail: there is no need for the apostrophe in "Vehicle-formers".

SoundBluster's avatar

Oh sorry :D Thanks for letting me know!

ToaNaruto's avatar

BTW, what did you think of EARTHRISE?

SoundBluster's avatar

It was alright, it's no tfa or tfp, or even cyberverse... But I wouldn't describe it as bad (espeically when you remember the Combiner Wars series exists!)

On the postive side:

I enjoyed Elita and her teams bit's on cybertron. Honestly if the show was just about them and their resistance efforts I think it would be better!

And I like that they are introducing some nuance into the decepticons characterisation especially with characters like Scrapface (the reflector repaint with the mark on his face, I only know his name because I always have subtitles on) and skytread.

And Megatrons arc in it was interesting, if let down a bit by the latter half of the show. I liked him having doubts and getting more and more extreme due to despiration and the dire circumstances primes actions put him in.

On the negative side:

What's the point of having a quintesson villain if you're going to kill off 4 out of 5 of it's personalities... It just get's rid of what makes it interesting...

Galvatron and a load of other stuff in Primes's section of the story, just came off as nostalgia pandering rather than actually contribuing anything new to the story...

Honestly I doubt a non-tf fan would be able to follow what's going on, as I only knew who galvs, the dead universe, scorpinok (and nebulos) and the quintessons were, because I am a fan, it wasnt really explained in the actual show.

Prime's voice actor sounded really bad when he was angry... Not sure what happened there because he was alright at the start but got really hit and miss towards the end!

Skylinx felt really out of place (the static animation of him standing in the void didn't help either...), being a yoda-eske character to Primes Luke skywalker just didn't work for me... Didn't help there was no foreshadowing that skylinx was a thing, if he was such an important figure in autobot history, why did no one bring him up before...

I still don't like the show's colouration choices... It looks so dull, the few properly lit scenes look so much better than the rest of the series.


What about you? What are your thoughts?

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