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Shattered Glass Prime Vol2 - 63

By SoundBluster
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Character  AirachnidCharacter  BlackarachniaLocation  Cybertron
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Flashback time!
I hope the speech bubbles are legible, I tried mutliple different font types and colours to try and indidicate they're speaking a different language, but they either didn't look right, clashed with the artwork or I felt they were too hard to read. So just inverting the colours seemed the best option.


Characters included:
Airachnid, Blackarachnia

Cover Art -> Coming soon...
First Page (Volume 2) -> Shattered Glass Prime Vol2 - 1

EXTRA Minicomics ->…

Note: Shattered Glass is the transformers version of the classic Sci Fi mirror-verse trope, where the Decepticons are the good guys fighting against the evil Autobots.
Transformers & the character's shown belong to Hasbro/Takara, I just made up the fan design(s)
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Shattered Glass volume 1->…
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Wait, what is a fateweaver? Why does it sound familiar?

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Basically the religious leaders of the insecticons.

It's a thing from the IDW comics :) Specifically Till All Are One and the Windblade miniseries.

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What happened to Barrage and Ransack? And was Tarantulas making it up?

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Explained in two pages ;)

Yes and no.
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YES! more on the 'Nid's backstory!

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That page look great and do not worry everything is legible :)

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you are welcome :hug:

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Tarantulas being untrustworthy? Nice to see some things never change.

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XD The multiverse has some consistencies I guess!

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WOW! So many Arachnicons! I like where you drew inspiration for SG Tarantulus.

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Why did fate have to be so cruel to these two?

SoundBluster's avatar

Mwhaha! The story must have it's scarifices... ;p

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Ah, time for some bonding from the past!

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I love the sisterly bond this two has

great work

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