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Shattered Glass Prime Vol2 - 1

By SoundBluster
Character  RatbatCharacter  soundwave
And we're back....

Complete with my cr*ppy planet paintings!


Previous Page -> N/A

Cover Art -> Coming soon...
First Page (Volume 2) -> HERE!

Story Time with Liege (One Shot) ->

The Calm before the storm (One Shot) -> The Calm before the storm (SG) by SoundBluster
First Meetings (One Shot) -> First Meetings by SoundBluster
Prequel Mini Series->
(Non cannon!) Minicomic with SG Airachnid & Jack ->

Advice or critiques are appreciated.
I'm not much of a writer and my grammar is terrible!

Note: Shattered Glass is the transformers version of the classic Sci Fi mirror-verse trope, where the Decepticons are the good guys fighting against the evil Autobots.
Transformers & the character's shown belong to Hasbro/Takara, I just made up the fan design(s)
My other stand alone shattered glass pictures ->…
My Shattered Glass AU comics ->…
Shattered Glass Reference Sheets ->…
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Darkblade170's avatar

To be totally honest, I thought Damus(Tarn) was Shockwave at first. 😅

SoundBluster's avatar

Yeah easy mistake to make :D

Battledroidunit047's avatar

Why do I imagine Ratbat sounding like a stereotypical vampire?

Twilightnite's avatar

You're confusing Ratbat with Mindwipe. He's the vampire of the group. well in this universe the Alucard (Castlevania) of the group.

ok I immediately thought the the two blue and green cons, the one-eyed orange con and the small pink/purple con was the members of the D.JD from the mtmte comic book. the blue con (vos), the the green con (kaon), the big orange con (tarn) and the small con (Nickle)

BLUEBLAZE21's avatar
Finally I'm back to reading this comic
SoundBluster's avatar

If I had to choose one thing I like about your comics, it’s the backgrounds, I absolutely love that cloudy space design you put into the background. I do suppose it’s because you’re not limited to having to draw poses, line art, stuff like that

RosePuppy10's avatar

Ratbat calling SW Soundy is cute. Does she have nicknames for lots of them?

SoundBluster's avatar

Yeah, that's kind of her thing. Like calling Ravage "RavRav"

RosePuppy10's avatar

What are other nicknames has she assigned others?

SoundBluster's avatar

Soundwave = Soundy

Ravage = RavRav

Rumble = Minimedic

Frenzy = Maddog

Lazerbeak = Beaky

Buzzsaw = Buzzy

Flip Sides = Rose (referencing her spy name of Rossana)

Slugfest = Plates

Glit = Doc-cat

RosePuppy10's avatar

Lol Maddog XD

Who would you say likes their nickname the most and who is the least appreciative? And why Plates for Slugfest? Also Ratbat is the nickname Queen!

SoundBluster's avatar

Rumble probably is the most appreciateive of his name, as well he is a minicon medic.

Ravage hates his nickname XD

Slugfest is a mechanical stegosaurid, they have plates running down their back ;)

RosePuppy10's avatar

Ah. Also haha. Ratbat’s like an annoying little sister isn’t she? And is there a specific reason Rav doesn’t like it? I think it’s cute! If I ever get a black cat and it’s a boy, I’m gonna name him Ravage and call him RavRav all the time!

SoundBluster's avatar

Yeah he doesn't want to be cute! He's a hunter not a pet XD

OptronixMaximus's avatar

What are the 2 ships behind the Nemesis?

SoundBluster's avatar

Kalis Lament & the Harbinger

Kalis lament? Who’s the heck is kali?
OptronixMaximus's avatar
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