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Shattered Glass Prime - Page 1

By SoundBluster
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For context the Nemesis was shot down and crashed on earth towards the end of the war. To protect the 'cons, the barely conscious Trypticon (who has long since lost the ability to transform and rarely, if never, communicates after the death of Full-Tilt) engaged a stasis field knocking everyone out before crashing.
Millennia later, possibly triggered by human activity near-by, the auto-repair systems finally kick in reviving everyone...

So I decided to bite the bullet and upload this...

As I'm not the most confident with my writing, I'd appreciate any critiques or advice anyone might have! :)

Update 22/12/18 - Font styles changed to be more consistent with later pages.

Set in My Shattered Glass AU, features my shattered glass fan designs for  Megatron, Starscream, Breakdown, Knockout, Airachnid, Soundwave and Ravage. All of whom are in their Cybertronian bodies as they haven't scanned an earth mode yet.

Note: Shattered Glass is the transformers version of the classic Sci Fi mirror-verse trope, where the Decepticons are the good guys fighting against the evil Autobots.
Here's a link to my other shattered glass pictures.
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So what’s the deal with Soundwave?

Is it like a mirror of Bumblebee? He got his voice box torn out by Optimus like Bee and Megs

Is it like he can’t really talk all that much or is it like extremely simple phrases?
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Some of his backstory is in this minicomic ;)

Silence! (Part 1 of 3)

I love how u made breakdown and knockout a thing in this, I've shipped them from the start or the og prime show

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Thanks :D

(They're officaily partners in the IDW comics ;))

Airachnid looks like a moth because she’s staring at the light. JUST DON’T EAT IT!

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I love how the main colors of Doc Knock and Breackdown are the complementary colors of their original Prime incarnations.

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Thanks (I kinda want to go back and redo these earlier pages... I didn't really know what I was doing for the first 20 pages or so...)
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Don’t worry about it! They are really good as they are!

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Wildrider is deceased partner of heroic decepticon Airachnid who murdered by Evil Autobot Arcee

OMG I LOVE THIS OPENING SO FAR. It's fantastic!! It introduces us to some of the characters well enough for a first page, the dialogue feels natural and gives us plenty of information without expositioning, Breakdown and KnockOut are so fucking adorable I love them, and yaay Ravage is there too!! It also sets up the scene and their predicament really well. As a reader I'm already intrigued, which is the mark of good writing with good pacing to boot.

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:heart: Thanks a lot! XD yeah I love their paring in IDW.
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trapped on Earth, ship underwater, weapons gone, contact with Cybertron has been cut off, and they've been there sleeping for thousands of years. what else can go wrong for them? >_>
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Yeah it's not great...
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Shattered Glass AU's are always fun to read. Yours in particular is a treat! :D :D :D

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They've been in stasis for MILLENNIA? As in thousands of years?! Hooo, doggy, that makes the fifty-year hibernation of the Autobots in Animated seem like a light snooze.

Also, hate to burst your bubble, but in-canon Knockout and Breakdown are just friends, not a couple.
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XD yeah...

Actually it depends which cannon. They are coniunx endura in the comics :)

Also it really wouldn't matter if they were canon or not. Fandom creation is not beholden to canon. *eyeroll* (I'm replying to the thread via you because I've blocked the original commenter and I want to make sure you know their behaviour is bullshit and you can do what you like)

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Yeah people are welcome to do what they like in fan fiction, that's part of the fun.

I try to be thick skinned about that sort of thing. More often than not an ill thought out comment is due to ignorance rather than malice.
Even if a comment is due to malice, I find it best not to feed the trolls. You ignore them you take away their power, so blocking is a good choice :)

I've made plenty of my own ill thought out comments in the past when I was younger and stupid. But as much as I wish I could apologise now that I know better, I totally don't blame anyone who might have blocked me over said comments. Curating your online experience is valid and important.

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