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Shattered Glass Prime (Cover)

By SoundBluster
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Yet another bit of cover art for my fan comic, this time homaging the american G1 movie poster :D

Featuring my SG fan designs of Bumblebee, Jetfire, the Nemesis, Arcee, Optimus Prime, Breakdown (alt-mode), Starscream, Airachnid, Megatron, Soundwave, Knockout and Ravage.

First Page ->

Story Time with Liege (One Shot) ->
Prequel Mini Series->
Minicomic with SG Airachnid & Jack ->

Note: Shattered Glass is the transformers version of the classic Sci Fi mirror-verse trope, where the Decepticons are the good guys fighting against the evil Autobots.
Transformers & the character's shown belong to Hasbro/Takara, I just made up the fan design(s)
My other stand alone shattered glass pictures ->…
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Shattered Glass Reference Sheets ->…

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Not gonna lie, this looks like a bad box art Mega Man cover. AND. I. LOVE. IT.
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*looks at five man band trope*

Okay so Megatron’s the leader, Knockout is the smart guy, Breakdown is the big guy, Soundwave is the heart, Ravage is the tag along pet (Sorry Soundwave and Ravage, it’s just the name of the trope), Starscream is the Lancer, and Airachnid’s... the heart/big guy??

Curious to know, do all the SG Autobots still have their original trope? I obivously know Optimus is the leader, Ratchet is the smart guy, and Bulkhead is a big guy, but is Arcee still a Lancer? Or does that go to Ultra Magnus as well? Is Strong arm considered a lancer? And Bumblebee the heart? I just realized there is a lot of possible ”lancers” in the Autobots

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Autobot Soundwave makes me think of Black Noir from The Boys. He's a silent badass with a soft side
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I would love to see this crossover.
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I'm not planning to do a cross over with the cannon tfp bots I'm afraid... (Partly because theres already superior fanfictions that have done it already extisting)

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I thought you would put Ultra Magnus instead of Lord Optimus Prime.

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Well its Galvatron in that spot in the Original poster, I didn't think Ultra Magnus would be a good equivalent.

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I guess that makes sense.

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the Transformers G1 Movie was before my time, so i wasn't really familiar with it. that is until after playing Fall of Cybertron, i grew interested in Transformers and started watching the series from G1 to Prime and that also includes the G1 movie. and yes...even the Bayformers. >_< anyway, i must that this is really nice.^^ shame the Autobots destroyed the title of the comic as they were firing their blasters. XD
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Now, this is just perfect. :D
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Yah welcome! :D
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May I ask, is SG Megatron x Starscream going to happen at all, by chance? Just asking, because I think it’s cute.
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I'm not planning to...
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And I get this vibe from SS that he gets a little annoyed when Megs gives the rest of the crew, and humans attention instead of him. Like “why are you giving this creature more attention than me? stop it. give ME the attention! ò^ó” Lol.
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oh that is awesome!!
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I Fall in love in ur work❤️😍🤩

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Looks amazing

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Daaaaang! This is freaking epic!
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