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SG Ultra Magnus (Reference Sheet v2)

Character  Ultra Magnus
A long overdue updated reference sheet / redesign of Shattered Glass Prime Ultra Magnus for my comic series... (As he hasn't actually transformed on the page yet I don't think theres any continuity issue of him having a different and better fitting alt-mode than the original design...)

The old reference sheet was drawn years ago and was missing some important reference points. Even at the time I wasn't all that happy with the old version...

Alternative Names/Designations:
Ultra, Ultra Minor, General Ultra

Alt-mode(s): Military Truck, loosely based on a tank transport.

Forged/Constructed: Forged

Rough Age: 4 Million Years

Home Planet: Cybertron

Home Polity/City: Praxus

First Language: Neocybex (Standard Cybertronian), Iaconian Dialect

Caste: Military (Grounded)

Faction: Autobot

Integrated Weaponry: Hook (Right arm), Rail Gun (Left arm)

External Weaponry-

            Melee: War Hammer

            Ranged: Has a small arsenal of rifles, artillery launchers, automatic weaponry and other firearms


Note: Shattered Glass is the transformers version of the classic Sci Fi mirror-verse trope, where the Decepticons are the good guys fighting against the evil Autobots.
Transformers & the character's shown belong to Hasbro/Takara, I just made up the fan design(s)
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Ultra Magnus rolling in with a shiny new ref sheet! Looks great! :D

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XD thanks a lot!

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Guess he'll have the role of Dreadwing in this comic of yours, due to his loyalty and honor to the Autobot Cause.

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He's loyal to the Autobots, not necessarily Optimus Prime :)

So he’s like his botcon version ?

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It's only just occurred to me now, but if he's on Earth, who's filling in as Autobot SIC on Cybertron?

Let’s hope he’s not like his comic version being the starscream of the shattered glass universe and everything

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Cool design, I've always had trouble designing my own transformers. I think it's because when I try too hard to make the robot and vehicle modes go together, plus I don't draw vehicles that much at all.

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It helps if you know what part of the alt mode ends up where on the robot. so a standard car -former would have the bonnet on the chest, back wheels and trunk on the lower legs, and front wheels/doors on the arms or back.

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I love the alt mode

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So this Ultra Magnus' true Earth vehicle mode? Interesting. Well, it looks more maneuverable that the large tanker.

Question: is the hammer meant to be wielded by Magnus' left hand since it's missing the spike on its Handel? Or did the hook hand have its gripping strength upgraded?

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Yeah, even at the time I wasn't that keen on the tanker I orginally drew...

Just the left hand... though honestly I'm considering just having the hammer as a thing he used before OP cut his hand off as I'm not sure if he'd practically be able to use it one handed...

ToaNaruto's avatar

I dunno, it looks like a one-grip war hammer, like MARVEL Thor's. And I'm sure that he's learned how to use it with his left hand as well as his right, even before he was dismembered...

SoundBluster's avatar

True :DHe hasn't used it in the comic yet so it's all up for interpretation at the moment!

ToaNaruto's avatar

With Strongarm constantly skulking around, I have a feeling that he'll be using the hammer REAL SOON...

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I might have missed an explanation somewhere but what's the story with the two symbols in the top-right corner. I assume the one on the right is the main Autobot emblem, but what's the left hand one? Is it the autobot military emblem, or something else?

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