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Rank 1 Star Member by floramisa5 Mothcats Owned by floramisa1-Year Birthday Cupcake by floramisa Happy 2! Birthday Cupcake by floramisa Happy 4!!!! Birthday Cookie by floramisa
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Bank Account: 

Copper Flower Token by Mothkitten | 9  Silver Flower Token By Veloxaquila-das56i6 by fanface | 11  Gold Flower Token By Veloxaquila-das56ih by fanface


Mothcats Inventory: Part 1Accessories
  Mothscouts Sash by Mothkittenx5Mothscouts Cap by MothkittenBand - Silver by MothkittenGlow Band Green by MothkittenGlow Band White by MothkittenGlow Band Blue by MothkittenAnklet by Mothkitten
 Leis - Rainbow by MothkittenFlower Crown - Forget-Me-Nots by Mothkitten Hooded Scarf by Mothkitten Scarf - Forest by Mothkitten Scarf - Harvest Striped by Mothkitten  Scarf - Skelly by Mothkitten Scarf - Haunted by MothkittenReading Glasses - Grey by Mothkitten
Pink and Purple Starry Party Hat by Mothkitten
Mothcats Inventory: Part 2Companions
x2  x2 x2 Bird - Parrot: Blue by Mothkitten Bird - Parrot: African Grey by Mothkitten 
Bird - Finch by MothkittenBird - Fairy Wren by Mothkitten Rat - Vampire by MothkittenBat - Vampire by MothkittenCrab - Candy by MothkittenCandy Snail 1 by Mothkitten  
SS-8 | Lucky Frog | Squirrel - Brown | Mouse - Albino | Snowshoe Hare | Moth | Butterfly - Blue Morpho
Ladybug - Red (x2) | Apple - Crab (x2) | Bird - Crow (x2) | Bird - Parrot: Blue | Bird - Parrot: African Grey
Bird - Finch | Bird - Fairy Wren | Rat - Vampire | Bat - Vampire |
Mothcats Inventory: Part 3Other Items

 Candy -Butterscotch by MothkittenCandy - Chocolate Heart by MothkittenCandy - Coffee by MothkittenCandy - Cotton by MothkittenCandy - Fruit Flavored Loops by MothkittenCandy - Individually-Wrapped Caramel by MothkittenCandy - Konpeito by Mothkitten
Jack-o-Lantern -Typical by Mothkitten Jack-o-Lantern -Spider by Mothkitten Jack-o-Lantern -Pumpkin by Mothkitten Jack-o-Lantern -Mothcat by Mothkitten Jack-o-Lantern - Moon and Stars by Mothkitten Jack-o-Lantern -Bats by Mothkitten Jack-o-Lantern -Raven by Mothkitten Jack-o-Lantern -OwO by Mothkitten Jack-o-Lantern - Ghost E. coli by Mothkitten
Slinky - Purple | Star Balloon (x2) | Pillow - Hea

Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by floramisa

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