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Heart Stabing

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One of the many projects I've been working on alongside my medical courses. LOVING these classes! Time consuming and mentally exhausting but I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to study from cadavers, have hands on resources, and learn from exceptional doctors. Going to miss it all when I'm done but I'm also eager to be out and working full time!

Well, off to crank out more projects and study. Somehow I'm managing to keep up with everything and keep grades high. Just have to keep focused for one more year!! Maybe I'll go for medical school at some point....maybeeeee, haha.

Drawn in CS6
reference from
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This is absolutely stunning
meggyville2009's avatar
Clap Excellent! IS so realistic and amazing! 10/10!
cayiika's avatar
All the details are amazing! And wow, those colours are great, the green really gives it the perfect atmosphere.
Silvolf's avatar
Lovely details, I love how you do realism.
Eden-West's avatar
My god you are so good at gory and beautiful bloody organs.. <3 Lovely details on the stains on the bottom of that plastic green thing, and on the gloves! Amazing texture work! 
rendeerful's avatar
Wow, it looks great! I thought it was a photo at first! (just a question out of curiosity... don't you think cadaver smell like ammonia and banana? O.o I always thought they did but none of my classmates agreed with me heheh...)
soulwithin465's avatar
Oh thank you!
And I don't have a sense of smell so sadly I can not experience this sent, haha. But my classmates say they get a tangy-like smell. Not exactly like bananas but something like it
CatrynFaeDragoness's avatar
Oh wow, really. I saw this one on tumblr, and scared me abit because i thought it was a real photo. Its really impressive!!! Good job.
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This is really stunning!
Shilokh's avatar
I love the details and textures you can put on a picture like this!
Nereiix's avatar
Amazing details!
Wayfir's avatar
Grossly awesome 8)
soulwithin465's avatar
Thank you very much!!
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