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First trade through :iconaceofursxchange: with :iconsamantha-dragon:. Very excited to be part of the group and looking forward to the coming months!
Also ahh this character is beautiful! Played around with quite a few ideas for her. All of her forms give quite a range to work from~ Really enjoyed practicing with drawing swords and added her necklace on the back cx

There lovely half: ACEO/ATC: So... You Like My Feathers? by Samantha-dragon

About 5.5x4in bristol board with prismacolor
Only Samantha-dragon has permission to use this, thank you~!
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Ooooh this is badass
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today i got this awesome card to my hands and i have to repeat myself that i absolutelly LOVE it - the colors of original drawing are so full of life (if i can see right, almost no black used - thats great!), Muriell looks so... like a bit dangerous beautifull and elegant female :love: and her hair! :aww:
yeah and i have to say that the necklace on back of the card looks amazing - almost like a real thing! i wish one day i will have one like that :heart: im not sure why but it somehow remides me style of Harry Potter :giggle: but thats only good, i like it :3

your work looks really profesional and im honored to have done original ACEO trade with you :thanks: this card can be count as one of the most beautiful cards i have in my collection... or even have seen :love: THANK YOU! :icondragonhug:
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Thank you so much for this comment <33 Never said, but it made my day! It was so lovely trading with you!! Thank you as well :huggle::glomp::heart:
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awww, this is one of the most beautiful cards with Muriell i got! :love: im completelly wordless, she looks so glamour and elegant and she knows it :heart:

i cant wait to have this card at home and enjoy all its details in real - that poping out looks great and so dynamic! 
and - welcome to the group :huggle: its like everywhere else, most of the time im up but sometimes a bit down too ;)
here is my card for you - hope you will like it as well i like yours! :dummy: sending you note with sending details
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So glad you like~~ I'm excited to send her to you!
And looking forward to seeing Soul's ACEO in person too! Can't want to hold him >u<
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awww, im packing it and will it send to you soon! :aww:
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it looks so great *_*
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This. Is. Beautiful!
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i love the way you color! the pose is wonderful as well
lovely work!
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She looks stunning! I absolutely love her hair, it's so wavy and dynamic.
I really like they way you textured her fur, it's very pretty.
And that sword... A very unique looking blade. It fits with her stance perfectly too.
I am amazed! :clap:
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Thank you so much!!
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You're welcome! ^^
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This is beautiful!
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Thank you so much >u<
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I adore your linework.
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Thank you very much!
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