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My current activity is limited. Mostly here to continue trades through ACEOfursXchange ♥♥♥

Returning to the online world under a fresh name: bisho birb

If you'd like to give a follow, I'd love to see familiar faces~ I teeter on whether I want to return to dA. While my core still adores this account, I see it more as an archive from a different time. I like recalling dA for what it was in my younger years. Wasn't perfect then either, but I loved it. Thank you all for the endless love and warmth. This place brought so much joy and sense of belonging. I've taken everything out from storage, so all is public again. Want to keep the memories around for others to return back to too. Love you all~

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You're back! :o

I haven't really been active here myself but seeing your name and art in my notifs just gave me some genuine nostalgia!




It's so nice to see you here again !!!

When I saw the notification and the new art I literally screamed

Ahhhhh!!!! Hello hello!!!! So stoked to see you~

It's been far too long. So many fond memories. Glad to be back <3

Also your art is looking magically adorable as ever!!! ;w;

Yeah it's been so long! How have you been?

aaa thanks so much!! ;w; And I'm looking forward to seeing your art again! <3

Oh boi, did another update happen this week? Thought I was getting the hang of the new interface but maybe not!

Doing well~ Finally prioritizing a good work/life balance. Returning to some old loves: playing Pokemon, watching (maybe too much?) anime, and thinking about new oc's! Occasionally get outside for a walk, magical~

How have you been??

Thank you all for the birthday wishes and love through the years!! Really warms my heart <3

Happy Birthday, sorry about the clone trooper birthday cake, the fangirls hijacked it!