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Snow White



...or How Allison Gets Through the Lonely Hours in Box Office on a Tuesday After An Awesome Weekend in Orlando.

I much prefer that title, but alas, it will not fit. -cries-

This is what happens when you spend too much time perusing through the pretty princess shirts at TrenD at Downtown Disney. They're so friggin' beautiful. Just not fifty bucks worth of beautiful. Ah well. :P

There's not a lot of story behind this but I sort of envisioned some twisted version of the fairy tale where Snow White must cut out her own heart and now keeps it in a pretty little box. While wearing a skimpy outfit. While sporting some ridiculous cleavage. Yeah, I have problems. Don't kill me Disney. :XD:

Please ignore the wonky fail hands and the box. Ugh. This was done with a ballpoint pen and absolutely no reference.

I miss you Orlando Trip. I miss you hard.

Super bad ass tree brushes from: ~Lizzabeth [link]
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awesome, I love the scary look of it :D