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A complaint I have about TFA!Snoke is that the movie did a poor job in obscuring his face. It seems to me that they didn't even try. People may bring up TESB!Palpatine but his face wasn't obscured in both the original and special editions, it's just that he was filmed in a dark place in the original version. Here Snoke's face was obscured poorly - we could still see it. If they wanted to obscure it, did it properly.

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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth plagueis the wise?
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I'm intrigued by Snoke. They did a good job of portraying him as a new character. His deformed face is pretty unsettling, and
I find him more creepy than Palpatine.
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Could it be? ... Palpatine? :o
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Imagine if it was Orson Krennic.......
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Would absolutely never happen, but still, interesting to contemplate the possibilities of who exactly Snoke is; that is until Episode 8 comes out.....
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well he would have gotten pretty cooked after the death star laser hit him Laugh 
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He would make a great reincarnation of Palpatine.  
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Well-made picture.

I look forward to what the following films will tell us about this guy. Who and what is he? What does he intend to use the First Order and Kylo Ren for?
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You can see the resemblance to The Grand Inqusitor
Poor Ezra. I wonder if Luke does this to him.
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