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Daily Deviation
March 17, 2021
Godzilla by SoulStryder210
Featured by TokyoMoonlight
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Long Live the King

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This is awesome!!!
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Godzilla will win!

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Wow that’s amazing!
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Yeah! Long live the King of Monsters! S.

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dang that's impressive

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Congrats on the dd!

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Whoa-ho! :XD: That's Godzilla alright. Looking awesome and terrifying for sure... :greetings:

But this portrait of him definitely has character to it as well. :nod: I love it! :heart: :D

Splendid work, and congratulations on the Daily Deviation! :clap:

This one is without a doubt totally :+fav:'d. :thumbsup:

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Awesome drawing.

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Never mess with the king!
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Has very expressive and aggressive eyes.

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Please Godzilla, don’t die.

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Excellent job! I love all of the shading that you did with the scales. The white space on the teeth is also a nice touch! I see all of the pics you have in collections and they're well done as well. I'm kind of new here on Deviant art, but I hope I can draw like this someday too!

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Very nicely done!

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I like all of the shading on the scales that they did. The shading and the wrinkles, IMO, are the bet part.

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