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As I promised,here's the second and more successful attempt on Discworld Death in "Soul Music" by Terry Pratchett. OK,I know I'm not as good as Paul Kidby...but at least I tried...

The picture's name is Keith because in "Soul Music" someone supposed Death's first name might be Keith...and I took advantage of that idea. Enjoy.

"So you're a rebel,my little Death? And what are you rebelling against?"
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Is there on DA a version of Death with a bike?
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I'm not really sure... but, well, not saying I won't draw him on a bike one day ;)
My comment certainly come late but this is just awesome, great work for a Discworld fan.
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Thank you :) I should do something better these days. I mean, it's been ages since I've last painted Death, and I hope to be able to do it better now that I am older ;)
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Death with a Rock Guitar.
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Freaking sweet!!! Gives "Death" metal a new name.

All Hail Master Pratchett!!!
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this one rocks:headbang:
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Thank you :) I wish I'd done it on a bigger sheet of paper...
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that would of been cool:)
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Even if it's difficult and a long story to explain, just know that this picture made my day.
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I am really glad to hear this, whatever the reason may be. It means a lot to know that my art actually made someone feel better. It must be the feeling I put in the picture. Thank you so much, I wish I could still draw such things...
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Certainly an awesome way of looking at an old idea.
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:heart: I put a lot of time into it years ago,thanks:D
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reminds me of "A rebel without a clause?" in the book
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Indeed. He's the best.
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Keith as in Keith Richards, Rolling Stone guitarist? Come to think of it, he kindof looks like death :o :p

Fantastic pic! :D
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Heh,at first I didn't know that joke of Pratchett's was about Keith Richards,but it was a good joke indeed. I just thought the name fitted the image...and the guitar.;)
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lol i love the B.C Rich guitar, that would REALLY suit death REALLY well. great picture. love it.
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I have no clue what kind of a guitar I've drawn. But I'm glad you like it. Thank you :hug:
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lol sorry theres just a guitar thats actually that shape. ^^ no problem, its an amazing pic.
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Yeah,I know,I used a refrence image to draw that guitar because I had never drawn a guitar before ;P. Thanks again.
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