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Seamless Platformer Tileset - Area 1 by hamdirizal
The Vindicates on planet LV-426 - concept poster by Amalgamation100
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Hello, people! I'd like to introduce my game project . It's a 3D platformer. I'm working in this project since last year, and now I think it's playable.

See the Game Jolt page to get more details:…

HI EVERYONE ! GET DIALOGER ( A NEW UNITY EXTENSION FOR FREE !! Get it fast as its just a few days ! )
Check it out !


So, because Dialoguer has been delayed for so long, I want to show my apologies by giving it away for free for the few days leading up to it's release. The only thing I ask is that you share this page on twitter or some form of social media.
Once you've shared it somewhere, send me an email at with the subject "Dialoguer for free!" and a link to where you shared it in the message, and I'll send you a copy of Dialoguer for free!
I'm only doing this until Dialoguer is released (For $35 in the Unity Asset Store!) which I expect to be in a few days, so make sure you get to it quick!


I made Dialoguer because I realized we were missing a simple solution to a complicated problem, like Unity and their recent 2D implementation. Until 4.3, 2D was complicated and annoying to work with in Unity, but their implementation made it easy and accessible, and better 2D games are emerging because of it. I'm really hoping Dialoguer drives the quality of games coming out of the Unity community forward in the same way by providing an easy-to-use Dialogue solution for a low cost, with a very small learning curve.

Update: It seems like a lot of people are sharing it but not emailing me to show me they shared it. Email me for your copy, or else I might not see your shares!
Update 2: I'm overwhelmed, I didn't know Dialoguer would be so popular, thanks everyone! Unfortunately it's very hard to keep up, so it's taking me a while to get to everyone. I'm not sure how well the auto-responder I set up is working so if you don't have your free copy of Dialoguer by tomorrow, let me know! I'll get it to you asap!

Someone here want to work together with me to make a unity 3d game.

Terrain Composer, An Unity3d Extension Tool for making AAA Terrain(photorealistic)/Scene in just minutes…

Visit for more information and screenshots and video...
Terrain Composer is an Unity Extension Tool that enables developers to compose AAA quality Unity Terrain. It uses the standard Unity Terrain. It's also a Scene/Level/City/Village Composer. And with a few clicks you create astonishing results. It has a friendly GUI interface and is very easy to learn. Creating terrain that normally takes days or weeks to make, with this tool it only takes a few minutes! Saving you tons of work and time. Speed, quality and realism is the strength of this tool. And it’s curve, layer and filter based! The possibilities are endless. The layers and filters can be used for example to blend splat textures on height, random, degree, normals or an image etc. A small change in a curve or filter gives a totally different terrain. It has many features. One of the features is that it allows unlimited colors being added over the terrain using a colormap. So instead of the limitation of splat textures, it gives your terrain more color variation and a much higher level of realism. Another feature is that you can add shades to the terrain blended with the colormap or the splatmap, using for example a cloud texture. This gives another added level of realism. It allows fast placement of any objects like rocks, trees, bushes, grass, houses, fences, etc were you can use an image as a blue print and a color for each object. For placement every detail can be selected: scale range, rotation range, position range, even the colors of trees can be selected from a range.

Another feature is that it has the ability to create instances whitin instances to many levels. For example if you want to place houses in your level. You can use an image as your map (top view), and specify were you want the houses to be placed. You can select more spots, and Terrain Composer can choose randomly from those spots, or whatever condition you prefer. Once a house is placed you can run another area setup which you make for that house. It can be an image (map) from the garden for placement of trees and bushes around the house, a shed, a road to the front door, etc. It will be even possible to randomly place furniture in the house. And then you can even take it futher, for example a table is placed (you let Terrain Composer choose a table from a list of tables) inside the house. And then you can run an image(map) for placement of chairs around the table, things on the table, like a plant, diner plate, laptop, etc, etc. In this way you can create a whole Scene at once, but with the variation and quality you need. 

TerrainComposer with documentation and tutorials can be picked up for $90 at the Asset Store or you can get it directly at my website If you are interested contact:

Here’s a list (not complete) of the features:

User Interface:
* Easy,flexible and colorful user interface.
* Complete hierarchy database.
* While generating terrains it’s still possible to continue working in Unity.
* Activation/Deactivation for each group/component/output.
* Edit Layer and Description names.
* Save/Load whole setup, layers, color ranges and generated textures.
* Copy/Paste/Swap any component within the hierarchy.
* Import/Export generated output to Texture (Normalmap, splatmap, colormap and heightmap).

* Supports Multiple (unlimited) Terrains which can be created automatically.
* Automatically arrange positions of multiple terrain to one big tile, or rearrange when changes the size.
* Use real World data heightmaps.
* Use real World satelite images.
* Automatically seach and add terrains from the Scene with one click.
* Fast resolution/size/splat/trees/detail assignment and apply to multiple terrains.
* Create a custom square area for each terrain, or create one square world area over multiple terrains.
* Control the loop steps of each area according to any resolution (heightmap/splatmap,etc)/unity/custom for required detail.
* Option to automatically stitch terrain borders.
* Automatically add a neighbour script to all the terrains to get seamless tiles with one click.
* Automatically add a parameter script for distances of basemap/tree/detail/etc to all terrains with one click.
* Reset buttons for heightmap,trees and detailmap.
* Active/Deactive each terrain.

* Measure terrains
* Filter Images (e.g. Satelite) on colors and export the texture.
* Create Heightmap/Pattern Textures

Layer outputs:
* Heightmap
* Colormap
* Splatmap
* Tree
* Grass/Detail
* Object

Ouput options:
* Create unlimited amout of layers.
* Create unlimited amount of filters within each layer.
* Create unlimited amount of subfilters within each filter.
* Use filter and curve settings to create any kind of blending, it works on all layer outputs.
* Object placement from blueprint or any filter option, specifying scale range, rotation range, position range, different colors (trees), distance between each object, rotation map,etc, etc.
* Automatic parenting with placing objects, automatic combine children meshes for oimum performance.
* Place instances within instances.

There’s many more features and soon I will add more to the list.

Last edited by eagle555; 1 Day Ago at 08:39 AM.


WorldComposer is an Unity3d tool to extract data from the real World. It can run by itself or as an extension for TerrainComposer.

At the moment I’m making a runtime demo by collaborating with Tomasz from RTP and Chris from UnityFS. The demo is also made for the Oculus Rift. WorldComposer will be submitted to the Unity Asset Store as soon as the demo is ready. And then will only be available there.

WorldComposer is designed like google maps with a scrolling and zooming functionality from real World satellite imagery directly into Unity. You can create multiple areas that display the real size in kilometers, and they can be exported with a few clicks of a button. Then for each exported area you can create the terrains with a click of one button directly in your Unity Scene. Satellite images can be exported to zoom level 19 which is 0.3 meter per pixel resolution. Elevation data can be exported up to zoom level 14, which is 10 meter per pixel resolution. WorldComposer only exports elevation heightmaps and satellite images, with itself you can create awesome looking real World terrain. But in combination with TerrainComposer you can mix the or alter the heightmaps or add perlin noise to enhance the detail, mix the satellite images with splat textures, add cloud shadows, etc. Also you can place trees,grass and objects and do the unlimited tweak and editing TerrainComposer offers to push the quality to unseen limits!

Here’s the demonstration/tutorial video of the latest WorldComposer version on youtube.

The total video length is 14.39 minutes and really all you need to use WorldComposer and start creating Real World terrains! The quick examples made in the video uses satellite images with zoom 18, each zoom is 2x more detail, so x2 times more detail is possible when zoomed to 19. The screenshots down below use a zoom level of 18 same as from the video. You can also do very large areas with a smaller zoom level, anything is possible.


  • Works with Unity Pro and Free, also on Mac.
  • Satellite images resolution of max 0.30 meter per pixel. Jpg and png format supported.
  • Elevation Heightmaps resolution of max 10 meter per pixel.
  • Create terrains directly from exported areas with a click of a button.
  • 3 different map types, Aerial, Aerial with labels and roads.
  • Global coverage.
  • Create unlimited regions and areas and export any heightmap size or amount of image tiles.
  • Export multiple areas.
  • Image Editor, e.g. to make satellite shadows lighter.
  • Heightmap resolution and image resolution can be selected.
  • Scroll interface like Google maps.
  • Exporting is Multi-Thread.
  • Automatic updates inside WorldComposer.



:iconsoulsshine-online: :iconsoulsshine-3ddev: :iconsoulsshine-madefire: :iconsoulsshine-unity:  

Dynamic Map System

Price: $15
Asset Store Link
Web Player Demo

Say goodbye to individual region scenes, and hello to infinite regions in only one scene!

This system will allow you to create limitless game worlds by only loading the map chunks near your character or camera. It uses two maps, a Floor Map (Terrain), and an Object Map (GameObject Collection).

You can customize the system to your liking by changing the dimensions of the maps, as well as how far away the character needs to be to load a map region.

This system is also easy to use, and does not require any packaging of map files. It loads each map from your resources folder in an average time of 1 Millisecond.

The package also comes with an Example Scene, as well as a Step by Step guide on setting up a new scene using the system. It also comes with Realtime E-Mail support for help, as well as suggestions for future versions.

If you have any questions, email  at

Oficial thread At unity forum :…;


This is a AmazinG Asset Actualy and we just buyed ... 

We add Some Talk in our  Studio With the Dynamic Map Sistem creator on About How to Develop this Sistem further... 
The Dynamic Maps System is STill humble for what we want ..
But is a Amazing Development Reached here ...

Expecialy for People that Have to develop REAALY HUGE Worlds ...
Like we do need in Souls Shine Online Universe Production ...

But We got Some Ideas / that We been Trying IN house ...
That maibe SOme developers COuld reach it ! Outhere ..

- FIRST THING Is to get this extension up to Work on a Spherical world Tipe of map.

... And one that You are not just on the Ground But That you can fly Around Also .

In a Way to Put the Area Blocks not just on x/y But Lay them out in X/Y/Z 


- Ok Let me have a visualization:

Instead of having Areas layed out Side by Side like this 

Each area is a Cube right .

So Each cubic area they could be loaded And Streamed on any axis Side and up 

Now reaching to a point we could load any amount of Cubic Areas Stacked and Load them on The STreaming Sistem

Ok now next would be to be able to position those Level areas - Even "inside eachothers" and STacked in a Way That is Non linear ..

Allowing Areas That Are Diferent Sizes To be Stacked Anywere in WorldSpace / Even Inside eachothers ANd be Still Streamed 

Allowing also a Way for us to RESIZE Them for not be just Cubic ...

But Also rectangular 

So we can pipe them out ...


Also having Custom "portals" At each Area - That Would Send us to Another Area, Even far Away ...
like having a Expecial Teleporter Area "cube" were if the player enters there , It will be Sended to Another Place Linked..

That Way having 3 Types of Cubic Areas , 

1 - Level Areas - Cubes Areas with Terrain And Objects

2 - Transition Areas - Cubes that are "3d elevator" tipe of areas that we can Animate and they take the player there to the destination at the end of animation 

3 - Teleporter Areas - Cube Areas that Are linked with Eachothers .. You put 2 Teleporter Areas in a huge world scene, and if the player enters there , go end up at the other Area were its linked 

On the Level Editor Each Area is Represented by a Simple Wireframe CUBE That we can drag Around And put Any contents 

Each tipe of Area got a Diferent Color ...

We could put the cube in Any place in world ..

And we Could Load And unload / that is SAVE And LOAD That Cubic Area CONTENT - Anytime we want.

Also Having PROXY Contents .. That is Alternative representations of CUBIC Areas Content ... That we could load and unload FroME ditor View ... 


And have no limits in mixing those ...

Not just Side by Side / BUT ALSO INSIDE EACHOTHERS !

Having for that a Cubic Area a Zone That we can Drag visualy Were Teh Area Will load The others Near ..

This way the Inside cube is the Area Eachself ...

And the external Area Limiter is were All the others surounded would be loaded ...

Should be possible in the editor to edit the Streaming Influence of That Area to all Other Areas Surounding it ...


ALSO For this Level Areas be trully SEAMLESS It should be having a LOD Area Sistem ...

That is When Flying into the sky - or 360 Degrees All other surounding areas will have to become visible ...
- If you fly Reaaly high you will have Large hundreds Areas Below And surounding you That you can See. In the Distance

- So Each CUBIC area Would have a up to 8 levels of LOD Representational Sistem... ~
Much Like Unity pro LOD Wich You would be able to REPLACE the AREA / With Severall LOD versions Of it ... 

ACording Player/Camera Distance. It would just see a More or les sdetailed "representation" of the surounding areas That would be Sequencialy loaded into other lod stages ...

And entering the zone of the Cubic area It would load reaaly all the area Contends ...


This LOD AREA Sistem Should be able to Work in 2 Ways ...

By Screen Size / And by Distance ...

SO for example we could replace a Area That is far Away and strech it To appear a LOD Version that is Bigger than the actual area itself ...

So we could have 1 or 2 Gigantic Representations of the 360 Degrees Flying world far far way ... Instead of 300 Small areas LODS ... in the distance ...

For that We could setup a Range in DIstance That the Distant Gigantic Area is Swaped 


Well imagine a real Gigantic World ...

Were characters can Actualy FLY & also have Flying Mounts and flying veicules / and they can Fly Around Unlimitedly Having this UNLIMITED 360º DEGREES Cubic Areas Sistem ...


We could And should also Make & Save & load CUBIC AREAS TEMPLATES 


SO for example ...

To do a Volumetric 3D World Streaming Would be to Stack Each Area Like this .


So yeah ( Is a thing for the development in a Lifetime / lol ) To beAble to Make Such Complete true 360º Area Level Streaming ... With all those features.

Not just we Here at the studio / But i bet reaaly many hundreds Developers would Nourish in a sistem like this .


If yoU Are a Programmer! In unity Game Engine !


We Will keep Studying and a Eye On How to Achieve this The better way in UNITY.


- Our Studio is a Active Beta tester and Contributor to the Terrain Composer & also World Composer From Nathaniel Doldersum...

SO we Have some experience in beta Testing Extensions that can bring WORLD DEVELOPMENT in UNITY to a Bigger Size .

PS2: All this Ideas Were actualy in Development / By Nathaniel Doldersum, From terrain Composer To deliver as a Extension to its product ...

but he is With load of Work Fro 1 man now .. And only in 1 Year or more will be actualy to Implement all this in its Product.…

The guy is so incredible that he even coded a Schematic Interface to CONECT AREAS ! ..

On a Real gigantic World level degree ...

And he will want also to reach the Level of Voxelfarm in World Area Managemnt ... One day ...…

( Voxelfarm is the Amazing engine of Everquest next )…

WIch actualy also have ports to unity as extension


There have been alot of study also on the Amazing HEROENGINE Umlimited Seamless Areas Sistem ..…………

All this Crazy ideas on how to Deliver a Really 360º Degrees world Navigation IN UNITY Been Tackled and Going tru Heavy Experiences on the TerrainComposer WORLD Development Gardens ...

But Right now its too much work for one guy alone ... 


In the Same Tipe of Development .
We are already TEAMING UP ! With The Terrain Composer Guy ...

He is a very nice All minded open Developer.


But we are Seying if we can JOIN IN The DYNAMIC MAP SISTEM To it… 
The features are already greath and deserve a Immediate buy ...

But the Possibilities and needs in a Cubic area sistem Are reaaly Way beyond Arent they ?


Lets kick this DEvelopment on Right!

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View and edit your scene in real time at the same high quality as the final rendering. Twinmotion features real-time radiosity, and includes over 600 PBR materials that react to your environment, making it easy to get the realistic look you need

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