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Loss is something we've all known and felt, and its never easy to experience. Recently, a friend lost her mother and the family could use the comfort and help of others during this difficult time. Sophie and her siblings are doing their best to coordinate and plan the service for March 14th, 2015 with limited finances.

The expenses of burial are staggering and we hope that generous hearts out there will offer a donation of any denomination to help. If you are interested in giving a hand, please visit the family's GoFundMe -
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Yesterday, Friday 13th, 2015, I placed my notice of two weeks termination to my current place of employment. While I can’t discuss my reason, I can say that I have been unhappy with the job and also needed something with more income.

While I’m currently seeking part time employment, the end goal, is to never have to work for anyone but myself in the very near future. With that being said, I am opening my doors again in hopes that my supporters near and far can lend me an ear.

Money is tight for everyone, things aren’t the best for most these days, and as an artist the struggle is very real. I would not be here if it were not for the amazing people that have purchased prints, commissions, buttons, and the like from my shops over the years. While I am leaving the realm of retail, I want to extend a message in hopes that perhaps the amazing community of artists online can lend a voice.

I am asking this – “Can anyone can spread this post?” That’s it.

I am not asking you to buy from me, I am not begging for donations, not for sympathy, or otherwise. In my heart of hearts, I sincerely just want to say, “Hey, I’m an artist and its time to make a living doing the thing I love.”

For those that pass it along, thank you from the bottom of my heart, after today I never ever want to be in the place that I was. But today I felt true pride in myself for standing up and saying that I am /worth/ something. That I am more valuable than my manual labor skills. I am a person with hopes and dreams and goals – I am a person that deserves to be happy and to work toward the things I want to accomplish.

Art is more important to me than words could ever explain. And for the past year, I’ve felt less and less like an artist – being crushed under the anxiety, stress, and demands of a job that could care less about my feelings. I refuse to give up the one thing I’m good at to serve as a pack mule to the masses.

I am worth something to myself, worth more to myself than I saw before.

So it is here, today, that I am standing. I am asking for my friends, family, supporters, anybody that’s reading – to simply repost or reblog this message. I hope that in doing so, that even just one person can help me continue on this road.

For those of you that want to help monetarily (and bless you, by the gods, bless you for it), there are a few options that carry a reward.

I have re-enabled my Patreon again and would love to hear from supporters what kinds of things you’d like as rewards for signing up. Tweet them to me PadmaBhujaga or email them at padmabhujagaart[at]gmail[dot]com, wherever you can let me know – let me know. My Patreon page is located here -

Another means of supporting me would be commissions, and all of my information on pricing and examples can be found here along with the Terms of Service -…

The last few options are buying from any of my shops on Etsy, Redbubble, Storenvy, or Society6. For any purchase made through my Etsy or Storenvy (my Storenvy is currently being stocked) shops, I will include a surprise gift as a thank you for the next two months. I will also be enabling a coupon code for referring friends to my shop, which of course, they too will get a bonus and coupon code as well.

Etsy -
Redbubble -…
Society6 -

My hope from word of mouth from screen to ear, is that I will be able to support myself on my skills and the generous hearts of the people that have followed me to this point.

I leave off with saying to anyone that reads this – Thank You.

Thank you for being the fire, the push, the song that has sung fire into my veins and spurred me forward into a brighter future.

All of my love and all of my thanks,
P. Simhanada “SoulsPoison” Gaither

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The moment for that leap of faith has come and I’m ready to take the plunge! I’d like to announce my first big show in a while, RAWColumbus presents Allure~

Among the myriad of artists, designers, and creatives at the showcase my work will be featured and also up for sale. For more information on the showcase, please visit -…

I have tickets for sale for this event that are $15 each. Even if you cannot attend the event and would just like to purchase a ticket to support me and aid in covering costs I would be eternally grateful!

Hope to see you there! :D

Where: Shadowbox Live, 503 S Front St #260, Columbus, OH
August 19, 2014, 7pm - 11pm
Tickets:… (I’m Simhanada on the pull down menu)

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I know I'm a bit late signing up, but it wasn't until I talked with one of my favorite artists that I decided to try.

I'm officially set up for Patreon, and while I don't expect anything, I'm excited to say I've taken the step! I've been having some good vibes about my art career recently (despite feeling a bit down about it) and it looks like there may very well be a chance for me. I'd like to use Patreon as a baby step to making a living off of art solely.

I'd like to thank everyone who has gotten me this far with your kindness, patience, support, and encouragement. <3

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"I think you have to know who you are. Get to know the monster that lives in your soul, dive deep into your soul and explore it." - Tori Amos

The past few months of my life have been utter and complete hell, but it is lessened and much more bearable by having the amazing people in my life that I do. Life has a way of showing you just who you need and who you are through fire and ice.

I've scars, both literal and metaphorical, and while the ones on the flesh have healed the deeper ones on the heart and soul will take time to heal. In time I hope to be able to be back to the me I'd worked so hard to be comfortable with, the me that strived for self and surround to be at peace. Right now I am but a fraction of that, relearning self-confidence, taking baby steps back to the beginning with a new perspective on life and the world around me.

The people that know me know me as the person they see within and not what someone tells them to believe or taking me for face value. I am more than the conjecture that is hanging about me, I am more than the armor and defenses I've built around myself I am at my greatest behest only Me. Take me or leave me for what and who I am or take your leave, this I've learned. I thank my friends and family for being the ones to help me realize that this hell isn't forever.

Thank you, all of you.

While I am still on the mend, a lot has happened, much of which I won't get into, though the biggest is finally having a full time job working as a Book Seller. It is rewarding and wonderful, absolutely perfect for me, and couldn't have come at a better time. While the 40hr a week swing shift does slow down my ability to do art tremendously, I have been able to start really creating again. Art is soulful for me again, its returned to that place in my heart it never should have left. And with the changes to myself, it too, has taken on a change of its own.

In due time there will be something up to reflect all this change, but for the meantime, the most evident changes are just within sight. A fresh start, a fresh face I am renewed.

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So much has happened good, bad, and ugly.

Life has a funny way of teaching lessons and testing limits. Its been a trial emotionally, mentally, physically, its been hard. Things have changed, things are still changing and I'm not sure what the future holds. It was hope at one point but it was a guarantee, but its been something a goal, I wanted.

Right now, what's best for me is to go on a leave, to take time for myself away to reevaluate my life, choices, and purpose. In the end of things I put myself in this situation and now I have to walk away for not only my health, but overall well-being. Saying goodbye has never been easy for me, I never want to, but what is right is never easy.

I admit my failings, my short comings, and need for something more than myself. I admit that I need help and I have put aside everything to ask for it at my lowest self.

I am at the lowest I've been in life and up is all that is left. I pray to the gods that I can manage that.

To all my friends, family, acquaintances, commissioners, watchers, commentators, lurkers, supporters, and the online community that has allowed me here Thank you. Thank you for sticking around, thank you for all of your support both past and present.

Art will be slow, slower, while I get my life and affairs in order. For those with my personal contact information, you can contact me during this time I'll be gone. My commission email will be put into vacation mode for the next few weeks and notes will not be checked. I will still be checking and favoriting from time to time, but overall I will not be spending my days online until I am in a better state.

It takes a tremendous amount of what's left to say this, so goodbye for now, but not forever.
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Well its certainly been awhile since I've updated this thing! @ n @
After taking that medical hiatus I mentioned in my last journal life turned into a whirlwind misadventure as usual for me.

- I participated in the Women, Queens, and Goddesses Exhibition at the gallery where I work and sold one of my pieces! First time I've sold a piece for that much in a gallery setting before and I was very shocked and also happy.

- Continually got sick! Hooray! *sarcasm*

- I house and pet sat for most of March which was pretty cool since the place I was staying in looks like a castle and had four cats and this mop dog named Fergus <333

- Applied for a tattoo apprenticeship and GOT IT! Unfortunately its kinda fallen through as I can't afford the cost of it all up front and they don't do payment plans.

- Lost a friend who passed away very suddenly.

- Had surgery a little over a week ago and while not an intended side effect, lost about 6 pounds~

Of course there was the minimal in-between mayhem of job hunting, crazy work hours, going slightly more insane than I already am, and lots of cleaning/rearranging my apartment. All in all with that list and just generally being out of sorts, art kinda took a backseat for me. Most everything I really enjoyed doing took a backseat to completely honest. Thankfully now that I'm feeling better and taking time I needed for me to feel better I feel like drawing. Plus I've got commissions so there is that. x n x

But there's my update! Take care darlings~
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Hiatus over, back to the grind

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 7, 2013, 1:56 PM
Maybe I'm a Lion...

Well, it was sort of a bust as my brain is still tired but my body seems to have rebooted and restored. x n x You can't win everything I suppose, but with that said I'm getting back to work so there will be commissions coming soon.

Speaking of commissions I am going to be revising and redoing my prices for 2013 to better help work with my personal schedule and health. All changes that are being made with NOT EFFECT current paid commission work or work that is in queue and approved.

Well off with me, there's work to be done.

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Short Medical Hiatus

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 1, 2013, 4:59 PM
Maybe I'm a Lion...

Hey guys, finally reporting in after the big move and Ohayocon.

Unfortunately its not with the best of news currently. Went to a doctor today and was told I'm on the tail end of a nasty bug (Wednesday was spent barfing and hugging a toilet) as well as suffering exhaustion. I'm out of work for the weekend and will be laid up for the next week just trying to rest and let my body recoup.

For all those waiting on work for me, I'm so so sorry! I've pretty much run myself down and this is what happens. But I can promise you as soon as I can get up I'll do my best to start cranking out quality work for you~

Right now I'm just going to lay here and attempt to shut off my brain so I can actually relax enough to rest.


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Ohayocon 2013 ~ See you there!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 15, 2013, 7:08 AM
Maybe I'm a Lion...

For all those hitting up Ohayocon this weekend look for me in Artist's Alley! :D
I'm not sure as of yet where my table is but I'll be there selling buttons, stickers, framed originals, prints, and commissions! :D Stop on by to say hello and on Saturday (as fair warning for in-character behavior) a certain Avenger will be there manning my table. As well as alwaysaleila and Lindsay (I can't remember your dA name ajfskfjsklfs) hanging out with me! Hopefully this weekend will be a blast like it has been in past years~

In other news, I'm moving tomorrow HA! It figures that'd I'd herpderpaly schedule a move two days before one of my biggest cons. x n x Luckily for me all I need to do is print a few more prints and cut them down to size. With that said, I most likely won't have internet until sometime next week. T n T

Until then, take care loves!

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Thanksgiving ~ See you on Monday!

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 20, 2012, 9:26 PM
Maybe I'm a Lion...

As fate would have it I am returning to the "Time of Great Sorrow" aka Indiana for the holiday~

I'll be internet-less until Monday afternoon when I get back to Columbus. While I'm there I am going to spend the entire six day span loving all over my dog who can't live with me because my apartment is ass and doesn't allow dogs. :I

Anyway, have a great holiday, see you guys later!

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Vacation Time~

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 7, 2012, 8:21 PM
Maybe I'm a Lion...

In a few short hours I'll be catching a plane up to Canadaland to see my darling KeeWakw and faelab~

I'll be traversing through the woods and eating them out of house and home for the next two weeks before returning to Amurika. :D I won't be online much at all except to check emails, so if you need anything please contact me via EMAIL ONLY!

Take care loves!

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Domain Name Change + Clearance Sales

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 3, 2012, 12:34 PM
Maybe I'm a Lion...

So it came to my attention this morning that my domain name has been sniped! Very displeased and uber ragey about it, but not all hope is lost. I've been toying with the idea of using my professional studio name as my domain instead of my dA handle, and now's as good a time as ever to move ahead with that change! It'll be a couple of days before my site is back online and running since it needs to transfer over, so I'll make an update once the move is complete~ :D

I'm just super cheesed that this happened RIGHT after a big con and people have my card with the old domain on it. :| At least my email is on the cards too so they can contact me that way, I hope. It also sucks because I have a ton of business cards left with that url uuuuuuuugh *sobsobsobsob*

In better news, all of the jewelry and mystery grab bags I didn't sell at AWA is being put up on my etsy! So keep an eye out on that if you're interested in grabbing up some clearance priced merch!

That's all for now, I'm off to do laundry and work on commissions~

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AWA 2012 Recap

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 2, 2012, 10:44 AM
Maybe I'm a Lion...

AWA this year was amazing because of the wonderful people I was surrounded by and all of you lovelies that stopped by! ; ; This was seriously one of the best cons of the year for me and I thank each and every one of you for that. Sales were waaaay better than last year, and the crowd was unbelievable on Friday AND Saturday, heck even Sunday was super busy! Honestly I couldn't be happier with how the weekend went~

And of course, shout out time~

LemonLimePanda - Case is the best tablemate in the history of tablemates, and I could not ask for a better person to con with. I absolutely love her beyond reason of word, and Caseyface, I want you to know that my life would be less awesome if you weren't in it. Thank you for everything! PARTY ALPACA.

mvcaposino - *rubs your head and smooshes Claire against your face* AH LAVE YEW. ; ; You are one of the sweetest human beings I know and I'm about 95% sure you're made completely out of sugar.

Cara & Shivana - The amount of words I do not have to express how honored and thrilled I am to have met and been table neighbors with you fskfjsdl Cara, you are just an amazing person, like, super amazing like a bag of kittens with super powers and magic wands. And Shivana omg, I love you and your amazing art and ajkfsjls LSP FOREVER ; u ; You are both just wonderful and I hope to see you again next year!

Claire - Thank you so much for the wonderful trades and just generally being adorable and sweet! It was so nice tabling next to you too and I hope I see you again! I NEED TO FIND YOUR FACEBOOK.

dmillustration - BABY. BABY DON'T HURT ME. DON'T HURT ME. NO MORE~ *shot* The fact that I finally got to torment your face in person is like Christmas with a box full of puppies and kittens and little baby squid. I hope you know now that I will never leave you alone. Ever. /creep

Don - YOU. ME. HANGOUT. ART PARTY. MANDATORY. >:| But seriously, its hella good to see you again, you were missed!

Ohmonah - It was SO nice meeting you and thanks a billion for the buttons and print! ; u ; I still totally owe you freebies~

kayshasiemens - ERMAHGERD, the amount that I love you and your adorable drawn on freckles for your SPN cosplay! ; u ; You know I LOVE seeing you at Ohayo and AWA, and I can't wait to harass the holy crap out of you in January~

And to all the artists and good folks that did trades, visited, talked, etc. with me fjslfjls I love you! It means the world and you helped make this con a massive success for me in so many ways~ ; u ;

Additional shout outs to ShyCustis, CoeyKuhn, RJBritton, Angela, Zach, Jenn, Goma Studios, Rei & Odin, 021, Jezebel Blue, Cogs and Creatures, Tamarik, Tea at 2am, MyNameIsMad, Vestien and Policeghost, KeeperoftheSystem and Paul, Mythos Graphics, Tea Gypsy, Sonnie, Yad, the wonderful staff of AWA (security especially!), and some of you whose names evade my scattered brain! <33333

Thank you all so much for making this a good time!


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Anime Weekend Atlanta - See you there!

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 27, 2012, 3:13 PM
Maybe I'm a Lion...

Its that time of year again!

Time to load in the car with ShyCustis, CoeyKuhn, and RJBritton and make the trek down to Atlanta for Anime Weekend Atlanta! :D I'll be tabling with my amigo ladyface, LemonLimePanda at table D02 in Artists Alley! Stop by and say hello if you're going! And for those of you that can't make it, have a wonderful weekend~!

P.S. And just a preemptive strike announcement I will be going on vacation for two weeks starting October 8th to see my faelab and KeeWakw~ <333333


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Journal Entry: Mon Sep 17, 2012, 12:49 PM
Maybe I'm a Lion...

Hey guys!

I wanted to let everyone know (I can't remember if I made a post or not before) but ALL commission types from me are currently OPEN. That's right, everything from Eye Icons to Full Illustrations are available! I'm doing my best to really try and use commissions to make my living since the job market is kinda... bad right now. @ n @

Currently I'm promoting my brush pen style commissions here -… as I absolutely love doing them (if that wasn't obvious XD) For other commission types and examples see here -…

But yes! I'm open for all commissions and if you're interested please send an email my way at soulspoison[at]gmail[dot]com


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Brush Pen Commissions - Slots Available!

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 4, 2012, 6:23 PM
Maybe I'm a Lion...

I am offering Brush Pen Commissions! And only FOUR SLOTS per group!
This particular type of commission has an Asian/Eastern style similar to Sumi-E paintings and the style of art in Okami. I can do just about anything with this style! Simple color, texture, and overall design make each piece unique and dynamic, no two are the same! The pricing for these is $20 USD for a single character and $30 USD for two characters. Check out the examples below~

Madokara Mieru by soulspoison Sisters of Heaven and Earth by soulspoison
Summer Festival by soulspoison Suren of the Silk Road by soulspoison

Looking for something a little more refined?

There is also a second type of brush pen commission for those interested with finer lines and more intricate details more closely stylized like Ukiyo-e paintings. These are more expensive, the price for a single character is $45 USD ($50 for the more complicated characters) and two characters are $60 USD (additional $10 for complicated characters). Check out the examples below~

Divination by soulspoison Moongate by soulspoison Master and Servant by soulspoison

I can do human and any sort of animal (mythical or real life) or character you might have, so its no problem at all.

In order to get one of these slots EMAIL ME if you send me a note via FA I WILL NOT read it. The note system here is not easy to keep track of and email is much faster and more efficient. Again, EMAIL ME if you are interested. My email address is soulspoison[at]gmail[dot]com, this is also my paypal email.

In the email please fill out this short form so I have all the information I need so your commission can be completed quickly!

Brush Pen Commission Order Form
Username: Your username and a link to your account on which ever site you are from. i.e. Furaffinity, Deviantart, Y-gallery, etc.
Email address: This is the address you want your commission sent to
Brush Pen Type: Sumi-e or Ukiyo-E
Desired Theme: (Note: All brush pen work will resemble Asian style brush paintings) Please specify the type or theme of clothing you'd like your character(s) in. And if there is a specific culture or cultural dress you'd like your character(s) in include it here as well. I also allow the option of "Surprise Me" so if you would like to be surprised, then type in only that.
Description (Characters, Theme, Mood, etc.): Please be as detailed as possible about what you would like your commission of or to be. Please include sufficient references be it color or black and white.

Once you've filled out this form, email it to me and I will get back with you asap. :D I will accept payment before I begin work and do commissions in the order accepted. Please limit orders to TWO per person if you want more than one.

The usual turnaround time for these is about two to three days so please be patient and do not comment on my page or email me asking where your commission(s) are. If you badger me about where your commission is I will refund you your money and you will get nothing. Its common courtesy.




Didn't get a slot for Round One? Don't be discouraged! :D
If you'd like a brush pen commission I can add you to a short waiting list! Each round of commissions is done five at a time, so when one round is done, I will choose the next five (in chronological order). To be added to the wait list if the slots are full, just email me the same form as above and I'll reserve your spot!

Waiting List - Group One


Waiting List - Group Two



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A BIG 'thank you' to you, Anon Deviant!

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 4, 2012, 4:16 PM
Maybe I'm a Lion...

Wow! I never thought I'd be gifted by an anon, let alone here on dA! ; u ; What a wonderful surprise are a really bad day! Whoever you are Anon, thank you! It is greatly appreciated and you've helped make the day a little better by your act of kindness~!


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Graduation: Achievement Unlocked!

Journal Entry: Mon May 14, 2012, 9:55 AM
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Maybe I'm a Lion...

As of Saturday morning, I have officially graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design! ; u ;
It felt SO good to walk across that stage and give Denny (the college's president) a brofist as I accepted my diploma and waltzed back to my seat~

The rest of the day was spent having lunch with my girls - ayafeesh and NellaNell, and my mom! Followed by witnessing a Zombie Walk down in Short North as we were driving back to my apartment! XDDD It was added to the list of strange things that happened that day as the entire time during the Commencement ceremony there was a Civil War reenactment across the street firing cannons every thirty minutes. It was kind of epic lololololol~

Now that the weekend and celebrations are over I intend to open up for commissions in the next few days and start pumping out art like no tomorrow!


Formspring and F.A.Q.

Journal Entry: Wed May 9, 2012, 6:32 AM
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Maybe I'm a Lion...

Because I'm a slowbro and just now got a formspring account - . > n > *always forever late* If you've got an account there please feel free to add me! And if you've ever had a question you've wanted to ask me, feel free! :D I'm hoping that with enough questions I can compile it into an FAQ on my site~