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Aphelion [Origins] Castes : Page 8

By Soulsplosion
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this is a rather complex piece of lore that's mostly thrown in so that all animals can live in peace
i created this comic when i was a dumb stupid child and planned for the cast to consist entirely of wolves
and i have ? yet to be able to find a way to actually give Unspeaking any appearances in the story except later on
so this is mostly just Deep Lore now

There's the question of why he wouldn't just like . make every animal a herbivore
but eden is more of a dumb baby god that is more of a cryptid or myth at this time rather than an actual
god with the power, prominence or authority to (a) summon every organism on Earth to his command and
(b) change the delicate biology of every single organism that evolution spent millions of years perfecting
so, he did quite literally the only thing he was born with the knowledge to do - create anew

there's ?? ? so much unnecessary deep lore shit to this universe damn
e.g. all speaking animals are mammals, dinosaurs and archosaurs (crocodiles)
in common language speaking animals are commonly called "Creatures" while Unspeaking are "Beasts"

- Aphelion and all original elements (c) me -
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                                                                                                 He could not change the biology of every creature, plant and organism across the world
                                                                                                 nor could he re-tune every detail of how the cruel art of evolution had painted them

                                                                                                 and so instead, he created anew
                                                                                                 and from then on the world would know two kinds of beasts

                                                                                                 the Speaking,
                                                                                                 and the Unspeaking

                                                                                                 Creatures of intelligence, emotion and empathy,
                                                                                                 and their unfeeling brethren,

                                                                                                 who were made unable to feel misery or loss, unable to speak or think
                                                                                                 only beasts of pure and mindless instinct that would take the place of Nature's cruel systems
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Deep lore is fun lore ^^
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I like those blue flamey animals. It's a nice touch of details.
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huh I didn't even see those to begin with :O
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Not even gonna give me the s and the ! ?
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Not even gonna give me the s and the ! ?
Dude, this is a really cool concept, I dig it ouo.

Also it's been really fucking awesome to watch your art improve over the years
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thanks moose!!!!!!!!
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Woaw that is so deep Soul! I admire
you for the solution for those imaginery animal worlds with no human. Yours doesn't require to overthink it. And actually
makes great sense. Anyways, wonderful job with this page! Specially the lighting!
I'm already super excited to see what comes next! ouo
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