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Ok, so I've been meaning to write a journal for some time now, just to give an update on what I've been up to lately.

My inactivity here hasn't really gone away, but I don't intend to call it quits either. In all honesty, I'm just waiting for an opportunity to present itself, where I can post more regularly. At the very least, I want to be able to keep in touch with you guys.

College has been the main reason  for my being away, and maintaining good grades has meant little to no time on dA. Most of my drawings these days are pencil to paper doodles and sketches, which is never gonna stop cause that's just what I love to do, especially when I'm bored. I might post those from time to time.

Another reason, though not as important, is my gaming. Team Fortress 2. Warframe. Borderlands 2. Bravely Default. Etc, etc. Whatever the name, they too have been a sizable investment in my time. Between the games and my assignments, I don't make much time for my account here. However, I hope that little by little I can work to change that.

I just want to know if my journals are an effective way to do that. I myself admit to not being a huge reader of journals on dA, unless of course they're important. It would be nice to know just how many of you guys read these. 

Lastly, I just want to once again thank all who are patiently watching me, your support never goes without appreciation. I feel I owe you an explanation for all the silence, especially when my last bit of activity here was with the intention of making a return. It seems my 'hiatus' will be a little more on going than I ever wanted. Sorry about that folks. That wasn't in the plan.

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College Begins/ New Laptop

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 14, 2013, 6:35 AM

Well everyone, if you were wondering about the inactivity, you can blame it on a mix of college preparation and good ol' fashion laziness. I'm not gonna sugar coat it, I have just not been able to work on dA XD But I don't consider this a hiatus or anything, just really slow and laid back activity. I just won't be able to stay as present as I would like.

That being said, I hope you'll understand if I seem to just 'disappear' from time to time. This SoulSpade thing of mine has to go in the lower priorities bin for a good while. I probably won't be able to reply to messages, at least not consistently, but I'll certainly try my best when I can.

If there's anyone left by the time I can make this account more active again, I'll make it up to you all XD For now, sorry to disappoint. I honestly thought that I was making a return, but life had different plans. Hope to hear from you guys soon enough

Love to all my current supporters who I unfairly leave hanging, I apologize.

P.S. To my commissioners, I have not forgotten you. You will be rewarded for your astounding patience with little ol' me.

I'm Alive

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 29, 2013, 9:26 AM

Ok so, really needed to go ahead and say that yes, I am alive and that I'm sorry for my inactivity. It wasn't my intention but I ended up falling short of my whole end of hiatus thing. Despite that, know that I'm not sad or down or anything like that; on the contrary, I've been doing very well and have been enjoying my summer c: ( Blame my purchases of The Last of Us and Animal Crossing: New Leaf ) 

Also, I was able to watch that Equestria Girls film and found it to be better than I had anticipated, which is to say that I had my doubts about it. After seeing it though, I thought it was nice and worth the watch :)

Anyway, that really raps up all that I feel the need to say at the moment, I can't make any promises of an official return, but I'll try to at least be more present here on dA than I have been XD Hope to here from anyone still patiently waiting, seeing as I've been under a rock for the most part


Journal Entry: Mon Feb 18, 2013, 9:24 AM
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I have not been enjoying this 'hiatus' of mine. I guess it's cause I miss how it used to be when I was more active here; I really miss getting on dA and hearing from everyone, and drawing stuff; it's not really like that anymore, and I'm not doing enough in my own time to make up for it. It feels like I'm wasting time here :c But anyway, I just want to see how everyone is. Who all is still here, and being patient with me. I really appreciate those who are.

Fake Friends and Hiatus

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 6, 2013, 11:55 AM
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Now, I'm not sure what I should say about fake friends. If they existed in my life, I probably didn't know, or didn't care to remember. I suppose that makes me lucky, because I am aware that people have been so terribly betrayed by the people they thought close, people who pretended to care, faked emotions, insincere apologizes. The motives change, but the damage is done.

The friends I always had were the close-knit kind, not many, just a few, but I preferred that over the tons and tons of 'kinda friends, more acquaintances' sort of thing. Here on dA, I've met a great deal of fantastic people, made lots of friends, and hope to make more. But as time has gone past, and I think more about it, I wonder to myself not of the prospect of having fake friends, but instead of being a fake friend. I try hard to express myself, and I care about when someone is going through tough times, but I find that it's been getting harder and harder to be there for everyone.

I could argue that it's the growing popularity (and I really don't mean this in an egotistical way); as I get more and more watchers, and as I watch more and more people, it inevitably becomes much more difficult to keep up with everyone, and try as I might, I find myself less involved with those I should care about. It seems like I can't make time for all my friends when I have to balance everything else, deal with all these issues or responsibilities. I fear that it may lead to me putting on a mask, where I merely express how I feel I should be, as opposed to how I might actually feel. Seeing the same problems, having one friend to be really happy and celebratory about something, with another falling into a depression, I feel split and broken, attempting to be the right way for people.

It leads to me feeling like I'm doing too much to accomplish too little. I want to be a genuine, true friend, always there, always able to listen. I don't think that's something I can be for everyone anymore; not without sacrificing the sincerity of it all. But of course, this is all quite saddening and I apologize. I haven't been in the best mood, between being sick and being unproductive.

Speaking of unproductive, that leads me to the next topic, my possible hiatus. I think a break from it all is becoming my last option. Drawing anything is too much of a stress for me, and doesn't seem to be improving at all. Before I can do anything more, I need to step back and truly relax. Focus on other things that have since been diminished for the sake of seeming active on dA. This is me saying that you can basically think of this period as 'hibernation', sleeping so that one day I might wake up rejuvenated. If I somehow manage to doodle something, I'll post it, but otherwise, no more art. I believe my commissioners will understand, as I have been contacted in past notes and journals with their consent. If there is an issue, the offer for a full refund still stands.

Don't feel too bad about all this, I still love everyone here and I don't want anyone feeling badly about this. It's just something I feel I have to at least try. So, with that I bid you all farewell for now, hope to see you all when my spirits are up again. Until then~


The Aftermath

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 18, 2012, 2:53 PM
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Well, I'm still kind of recovering from the "Veggie Storm" that happened a few days ago XD To my astonishment, :iconveggie55: went and did something that even now has me in disbelief; in a recent poll of his, he had a link to my page recommending people to check out my art. At first sight, I thought his poll was of some other artist, so I thought alright cool, I know he's always featuring great artists, I'll go see who this is...You can imagine my reaction when the link took me to my own page XD It kinda went like me just sitting there for a minute, staring at the screen. Then I went this?... I went back to my messages and clicked the link again. Again, it went to my page. At that point it was starting to sink in what was happening. I went to my messages a final time, and scrolled to check my feedback...already, I had gotten 97 new watchers with comments and faves and everything. I was in shock, couldn't believe what I was seeing. I watched throughout the evening as it just grew and grew, going into the hundreds. And my pageviews too, just skyrocketed to a record height!

 As of now, I have gained 665 new watchers, and over 2k views, bringing my numbers to 30k pagviews and 2891 watchers.

   Let me just say this. I've had a lot of bad days, I've been down, and I've questioned why I even draw because I've doubted my art for so long, among other things. Seeing this has been something of an eye opener. Even when I don't feel like I deserve it and it seems like just luck that this has happened, there has to be more to it. I guess it's because I didn't have this kind of support when I made my first account about 2 years ago. Of course, that was before MLP FiM even existed, so a lot of my success I owe to ponies ^^; But even so, it's what I have come to love drawing, and my appreciation for all that everyone has done for me goes beyond what I can say with words. In these 6 months that I've been on dA, I have achieved so much, it overwhelms me sometimes. I look back and I'm stunned by what's been done, and I look ahead and imagine where I might be in the next few years, what I might be capable of. I can see good days to come, because you all have blessed me with undying and continued support :thanks: I would never have gotten this far if not for that. I know that to be true.

I wish there was more I could say or do, so that I could just pour out all that's going on in my head about what I'm thankful for and how dearly it all means to me, but I've found that I'm not as great at that as I hoped XD I do hope that everyone understands that you have changed my life (as sappy as that sounds) for the better. I've gotten to meet great people, some of which have become close friends of mine, been able to do my best to help others when they needed it, and have been recognized by a few of my inspirations and idols as well ^^ I certainly don't regret being a part of this fandom, though I feel bad that I have to keep it hidden; it's tough having to keep a part of yourself a secret and I wish it wasn't so. I'm envious of those who are able to be who there are, unashamed, and just be a brony. Maybe someday I might get to know what it's like, but for now it's just something I'll have to myself ^^;

Anyway, I really wanted to personally thank every person who came and watched me, but it would have taken forever XD This journal is the least I could do to address all of it. In other news, my break approaches, which means I'll finally have time to get all that's been sitting on my computer finished and posted C: From there, I'll be able to get newer things done, and I can't wait for all that to begin :aww:

I guess that's all I can say for now, I've written all I can XD No nice little conclusion I'm afraid


Journal Entry: Sun Dec 16, 2012, 8:53 AM
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To all I owe commissions to, or promised to get to, I am afraid to admit that I have made no progress on them. I don't know what's wrong with me, I just cannot get myself to draw anything more than sketchy doodles on paper :worry: I'm worried that you're upset with the delay, and that prolonging it any further is just going to make things worse. If this doesn't work itself out soon, I'm willing to repay the points back in full. I truly am sorry, this is the last thing I wanted to happen, and I tried to make it so that I wouldn't become overwhelmed, but...

I feel like I'm being a disappointment.

Right now, I need to finish the Secret Santa drawing I'm working on before it's too late. I don't want to have to decline now, and disappoint another person

Personal artwork probably won't start showing up until next year. I'm just too far into owed work as it is.

Art Block

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 6, 2012, 1:33 PM
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Like I needed this when I still have commissions to do, a Secret Santa project, and no art of the new season finished since the premiere...

Giving Thanks

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 22, 2012, 11:26 PM
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I finally reached 2000+ watchers. Thanksgiving has passed for me, but that doesn't stop me from expressing my appreciation, to all of you. Because I know I didn't do this on my own.

   I needed your support; your Kindness and Generosity. The times this meant most to me were when I had doubts about myself, and when I couldn't see the point of continuing. I had those people to tell me otherwise, and to pull me up again when I felt undeserving. My thanks to you is never-ending, because you cared. Cared about my art, and cared about me. You looked at the artist, and the person. You addressed me with Honesty, and you were sincere, offering your help with a Loyalty that was surprising and unexpected. There will be tough times, and I can't promise anyone that there will always be happiness and Laughter. Still, I'll keep in mind that you are here for me no matter what, and that my being here means something; something that has the feeling of Magic.

                                                                                                                                    A Friendship

One I share with you all. So thank you. Thank you for making this all possible

~ SoulSpade

P.S. I currently write this at 2:22 AM. My brain is fried, I'm going to bed XD

Commission Info (CLOSED)

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 18, 2012, 8:03 AM
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Commission Rules

-These will be done for POINTS, since I have no way of accepting real money

- Ponies, and ponies only XD No humanized stuff, animals, or anything else. The exception being non-ponies within the show

Ex. Spike, Gummy, Zecora

-I will not be doing any shipping between characters of the show and OC's. Only shipping between OC's and shipping between show characters.

Ex. Vinyl Scratch X Octavia YES
      OC X Applejack  NO

    Also, for shipping, keep the love to cute and innocent XD Nothing too intimate or anything that would make me feel awkward lol

- For commissions of OC's, they must be simple in design and comparable to the ponies of the show. That means no crazy vibrant colors, dragon/ bat wings, tons of accessories, etc.

   I may allow some exceptions, but for the most part this rule stands firm

-As the artist, I reserve the right to decline commissions that I cannot or will not do. Please understand that this is my first time doing this, and I can't guarantee how things will go.

-Note me on your commission and it's details. Provide refs for me to use if you have an OC you want drawn

Commission Prices

Payment must be given upfront. If you would like, a sketch of the drawing can be sent to you before the exchange is final.

Sketch, Uncolored 200 Points Luna Sketch Dump by SoulSpade
           Colored 400 Points Garble by SoulSpade

Finished Drawing, Colored w/ Simple Background 800 points Heartstrings by SoulSpade We Love Applejack by SoulSpade
                         Colored w/ Complex Background 1000 points Corrupted by SoulSpade Onwards by SoulSpade

50 points for each character added from one

Slot 1: :icontheoneyellow: Finished Drawing, Colored w/ Complex Background

Slot 2: :iconradiantkitsune: Finished Drawing, Colored w/ Complex Background

Slot 3: :iconfelynea: Finished Drawing w/ Simple Background

Update on my Life

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 11, 2012, 5:08 AM
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Just a few things to say, as a little update on all that's been going on for me

As has been made VERY apparent, season 3 has finally come and I only just recently got to watch the episodes XD I was at an ROTC drill meet and didn't get the chance to catch them. Now that I've watched them, I hope to have something drawn from it (you know, because no one else has thought to do that yet)

How does Knight Fluttershy jousting sound? Or perhaps Twilight tapping into the dark magic?

Anyway, I'm gonna do my best to get something up, so I don't seem so dead here ^^; In other news, I also downloaded this MLP game by Gameloft on my Iphone. It's so awesome, I love it C:

If you happen to have gotten it as well, you can have friends and stuff with those who have accounts; mine's SoulCross ^^

Lastly, I saw that I made 22K views. =w= That's really amazing, I owe you. Good thing I'm getting to drawing again XD

...OH YEAH I remembered something! Fall Break is coming up and I've considering the possibility of doing point commissions (can't accept real money) Would that interest anyone?

Ok, that just about covers everything for now, not much but still

Love you guys, and I want you to know that. Each and every one of you :iconcryforeverplz:

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Tagged by :iconmynder: Here goes...

1. You MUST post the rules
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal. ( 5 things will pretty much cover everything about me XD )
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create five new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 5 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them. ( Do I have to? )
6. No tag backs. OR ELSE YOU DIE. (makes sense)
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this". That's lame. You really have to go out there and tag 5 wondrous people of this world. (You know what else is lame? MY MOM :iconmusclemanplz:

Five Facts about SoulSpade:
1) For those who don't already know, I am a closet brony, and will probably be so for a long time. Outside of the internet, I'm very secretive of it and only discuss it with those who bring it up (which doesn't happen often)
2) I am a musician, and hope to have a career in music one day. I play violin, piano, and know a few things on guitar. I am NOT a singer
3) I spend a lot of time/effort into thinking of the best way to reply to comments and notes as well as just commenting and writing in general, because in actuality I'm a poor communicator and would probably seem less sincere in an actual conversation :(
4) I was once a furry, but have since abandoned it completely in place of bronydom (Frankly, I'm happy I made that choice) inb4 debates about Bronies=Furries
5) I have a fear of storms and really bad weather. I don't necessarily freak out, but I'm nervous and in more intense cases, nauseated.

And now to address Mynder's questions:
1) "Wubba dubba dub is that true?" Um, yes? 'w' I feel a Vinyl Scratch influence here
2) Did you get the reference to the above question? No...That makes me a bad person doesn't it? ;n;
3) Who is your favorite villian of all time from any video game? Geez, that's difficult to say. If I had to pick a favorite, hmm, maybe...GLaDOS from Portal idk
4) If you could go to any world; videogame, show, story, etc., what would it be? EQUESTRIA :dummy: *shot*
5) How many tags have you recieved from people including myself? Not many, but I've had to do this very same journal before D:

Alright, I'm so sorry, but you have been tagged:


Don't hate me :C You don't have to if you don't want to

My questions for you:
1) Pancakes or Waffles?
2) Would rather forget who you are but know your friends/family, or know who you are and forget everyone else?
3) What would you consider to be the perfect day?
4) What skill/talent do you wish you possessed?
5) What is your first gut reaction to something you oppose or dislike?
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I've been having a very difficult time getting stuff done, I just can't seem to draw no matter how hard I try

It isn't a confidence issue or a lack of inspiration, I have things I want to draw and they're saved on my computer but...

I just have so little energy to do them it's frustrating, especially when everyone else I've been watching have just been posting one great drawing after another. It's becoming quite apparent that I'm falling behind and I need some sort of help or motivation to get me back on track

So, if it's not too much to ask, I'd really like some advice or words of encouragement right now. That would mean so much

Also it's Halloween and I'm doing nothing :C
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For :iconmlpsecretsanta2012:! I'm happy to have been invited to take part :aww:

1. Snowball Fight

Cantus- OC Pony by SoulSpade

Would love to see my OC, Cantus, wearing a green scarf and engaged in a snowball fight, maybe having him just been hit by a thrown snowball XD

More refs (for his cutie-mark/personality):……

2. New Violin

Again with Cantus, receiving a new violin as a Christmas present ^^ I'd like to see him holding/levitating it, admiring its appearance after just getting it out of its case

3. Broken Carols

Yet again Cantus (sorry XD), singing a Christmas carol, with a few listeners cringing in pain or awkwardly smiling XP Cantus thinks he's a good singer so he should appear confident and into his song, the number of listeners doesn't matter and they can be random ponies/characters
Edit: I honestly wanted to go to each and everyone who commented and reply with thanks, but I'd be afraid of just seeming repetitive and insincere. So I just want to make clear to everyone this one thing, and that is that I really owe you all for the support. You've all helped me stand on my feet and find something worthwhile in myself. I am good enough. I'm not perfect, no one is. I knew that but I still let it get to me, to stress me out and think things that aren't true. I only wish I could do more to repay your kindness; I had fallen and you came offering your hand, without ever asking a single thing in return. "Thank you" just doesn't hold the power I wish to express to you. I'll continue to draw, I'll seek to improve even when I'm doubtful, I'll persevere. I must not give up on myself. Today, I drew a few pictures of Applejack on a piece of paper and you know what? I liked them.

I've been feeling really down again, inadequate in my art.

So much time and effort I've tried to put into making a decent drawing ends up amounting to nothing when I so much as glance at what others are creating. I feel so behind and everything I draw just looks pitiful to me; a joke that isn't funny. It may be that something is disproportionate, and that I lack scenic backgrounds that give the characters more life, unconfined to open space; It may be that the line-art is uneven, or the colors are pale and sickly.

But the greatest disappointment that I've felt in my art is one that I fear will always defeat me: My ideas. My concepts. My imagination. They suck, they're horrible and underdeveloped. I just can't come up with anything on my own, everything is borrowed, done before, and uninteresting. What can I do but watch as the very people that say that my art holds some value turn around and create masterpieces that I myself could never achieve? Perhaps never hope to achieve?

All I want is to know what it is to be satisfied with my drawings. To truly and honestly say that my art is what everyone says it is.

I've struggled to stay positive, listening to all the kind and caring people who comment and watch my stuff, I really have; even then, there's just this part of me that can't accept it. I don't deserve the praise I've been given, it always feels misplaced. Like it's not meant for me.

It's not just the art though. Lately, it's come to mind as to how many actually care about me here. There's that handful I can always count on, the ones that greet me every now and then, comment on things that don't have to do with my art, and help me to feel like I'm someone. But I have almost 2000 watchers now. It's horribly selfish of me to ask this, but if you watch me, do you do it because I'm just a page with pretty pictures on it? Would you even notice if all I did was draw, and never said a thing? Not once. Some people probably never get past their deviantWATCH messages when they fave something of mine.

I'm so far from perfect it's sad, you don't have to convince me of that. In all honesty, doing nothing is the best way to tell me that my art isn't worth it. That I'm not worth it. Guess I just have to live with that.
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:iconpokiehlstoryteller: used my drawing of Octavia for his musical composition, and I think that it's really amazing ^^…

Check it out if you like, I can tell that a lot of work was put into it C:
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As of today it is my sister's birthday and I'm going to be out with my family to celebrate it ^^

She's the only one who really knows about my whole MLP thing, and even so, she's been completely understanding and supportive

If it's not too much to ask I would love it if you were to wish her a happy birthday too; she's the best sister a brother could ask for and I want her to know that!
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Welp, I went ahead and got myself a tumblr to start posting my art on ^^

Here it is:

Keep in mind, that's it's very recently made, so I still have to go and fill it up with my art( probably just my personal faves and the popular stuff in my gallery)

Also, I want to make it perfectly clear that I have no idea how tumblr works in the slightest. I mean, at all. It took me some time just to get it where it is now, and it was with help XD

What I'm getting at is, if anyone has a tumblr and/or knows how it works, I would be VERY grateful if you could be give me advice on it and tell me what I can do to get it looking good like other art blogs

Alright, I appreciate all the support and I hope to see you on tumblr!

Thanks again~
Feeling pretty awful right now, just depressed.

*Update: I'm feeling better, knowing that I have a lot of friends here for me. Not many people are as lucky as I am to have support like this. I don't want to be sad, but I can't help but feel horrible sometimes, for reasons that are selfish like wanting to feel important. That's the main reason that I get depressed. You can have so many watchers, and have people that love you, but there are still times when you question if you're genuinely cared for; if anyone cares about you really. Sorry that this is getting to be personal, it's deviantART, not a therapist's office. I guess I feel that I can share these things and know that I'll have those to help me when I'm down. I'll try not to depress you guys with these episodes of mine. I hadn't intended on doing so in the first place. Thanks to you all who I have to get me back on my feet. You're the best

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I'd love to take part in featuring all the great artists we have ^^

Stolen from :iconjustaninnocentpony:

1. For each of the 20 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list
2. If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone

1):iconjustaninnocentpony: The Master At Work by JustaninnocentPony The Guardian of Magic by JustaninnocentPony Wubs? by JustaninnocentPony

2) :icontheboss445: Applejack by TheBoss445:thumb322407520: Twilight Sparkle - Full by TheBoss445

3):iconaruigus808: [VECTOR]Filly Twilight in armor by aruigus808 [EE] Fluttershy by aruigus808 Busy....T-shirt design by aruigus808

4):icontricepterry::thumb313864704: Hollow Ichigo by TricepTerry:thumb325041882:

5):iconfembot13: Rainbow by Fembot13 rarity cookie by Fembot13 Pony PARTY! by Fembot13

6):iconsugarcubie: Animation sample - Derpy by sugarcubie The royal mix of Equestria. CHECK OUT THE LINK by sugarcubie Mom's bathrobe. by sugarcubie

7):iconcolonelyeo: Feeling Thirsty by ColonelYeo Empire Captain Updated by ColonelYeo Smallwood by ColonelYeo


9):iconsomnias: Cream Soda Pony by Somnias Cleaning Up The Act by Somnias Lyra and The Magical Brofist by Somnias

10):iconhazzdawg: The Blind Watchmaker by Hazzdawg Making Some Noise by Hazzdawg The ATG is under attack! by Hazzdawg


12):iconkejzfox: Roseluck by Kejzfox Twilight by Kejzfox Luna to the birthday by Kejzfox


14):iconphillnana: Berry Punch and her Ice Cream by Phillnana Twilight Sparkle impersonates Rayman by Phillnana A lot of Sketches by Phillnana

15):iconkemono666: Sitting Fluttershy Digital version by kemono666 Pinkie Pie: PARTY?! Where? by kemono666 Lilium Heart by kemono666

16):iconmynder: Aperture Science Unicorn Magic Inhibitor by Mynder Aperture Science Pony Portal Goggles by Mynder Discord by Mynder

17):iconblayaden: GAT-04 Jet Windam by Blayaden Derpy Pollyanna by Blayaden Happy Pony Party! by Blayaden

18):iconschasti: Soul of the stars. Or just Princess Luna by Schasti Apple Sisters by Schasti Derpy by Schasti



...and a few more (don't tell no one)




24):iconpun-pun1: One more round, barkeep! by Pun-Pun1 You're my Best Friend, Dash by Pun-Pun1 Hello, Sexy Books by Pun-Pun1

25):iconacceleron: Spike Gets A Chainsaw by Acceleron NATG 2 - Day 5: Shrunk Twilight by Acceleron How about a new game? by Acceleron

...okay just these last 5, I promise

26):iconsagasshi: Mane6 - The elements of Harmony by Sagasshi All hail the Queen! - Queen Chrysalis by Sagasshi Me, my world and MY world. by Sagasshi

27):iconrodolfomushi: Socks! by RodolfoMushi brushie by RodolfoMushi designed to be an egghead by RodolfoMushi


29):iconaprilj0313: Mane 6 My Little Pony Dream by aprilj0313 Dragon Digital Oil Painting by aprilj0313 Running Horse Drawing by aprilj0313

30):iconirunekagi: Rainbow Dash Humanized by IruNekagi Im Derpy Hooves by IruNekagi Dib is crazy by IruNekagi