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What's your thoughts on people, like friends and people you're close to, saying they love you and you saying back to them? 

5 deviants said It's okay if everyone involved feels comfortable with it
5 deviants said You do you and forget about anyone who tries to change the fact you love them
4 deviants said (Also I never use those words lightly when I say it either, I honestly love my friends and feel like some are or were my siblings. after knowing them for a while at least)
3 deviants said I think it's normal
No deviants said (Like I guess I want to know if I'm weird for telling people that I'm friends with that I love them?)
No deviants said (I've had so many people in the past tell me it bugs them that honestly now I'm just kinda done telling anyone but family I love them unless they say it first)
No deviants said It's weird

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