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Shy camo bean by SoulsofTheDoomed Shy camo bean by SoulsofTheDoomed
Time for Tsuki's update~

She's still a cute little shy bby and has been giving me a hard time in terms of feeding and handling, unlike Sunna and Nixion she doesn't like to be hand fed, I blame the store I got her from for just dropping her food into the cage and leaving her to find it on her own. So the only way she'll eat currently is when I put her in a small container and leave her alone for a few minutes.

Otherwise I've been working with handling her and she is getting better but sadly still musks me, so if there's one thing I'll suggest to people is to make sure you know what the store does with their snakes. Ask them questions like, what do you feed them, how do you feed them, can you take them out so I can hold them and how often do you hold them. 

But otherwise she is healthy and blends in rather nicely with the curtain I have up to keep the heat in their area XD
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December 20, 2017
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