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Sheddy shed by SoulsofTheDoomed Sheddy shed by SoulsofTheDoomed
So I wanted to share some good news with you guys, Sunna shed yesterday and is looking better, he's still kind of sluggish but I'm just keeping an eye on him for now. The skin on the bottom of the picture is the first shed he had when I got him and the one on the top was yesterdays shed. 

So needless to say he is a very healthy danger noodle that can now eat my whole thumb, should he decide to XD

But in even better news, Sunna actually ate today, it took two different fuzzies for him to decide that he wanted to try to eat, but he did so I can finally relax a little. And although some of his scales are still slightly damaged from his escapade, most of them are okay now and I'm going to be changing his cage around, along with having exploring time.

So this year once it gets warmer outside you can expect some pictures of Sunna slithering around in the grass and all that good stuff, since he's finally at a size I feel more comfortable taking him outside. 
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