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Placreo {Closed Species} by SoulsofTheDoomed Placreo {Closed Species} by SoulsofTheDoomed
So I've had this idea in my mind for ages and it's been driving me crazy but before we get into that let me tell you how this bby was born.

the wonderful :iconmultifandomsam: was looking for a new sona and I offered to make one, and they wanted their new sona to be space related which brings us back to my idea that's been killing me.

Meet my new closed species Placreo, they also have two sibling species that we'll talk about in a moment, but put simply Placreo's are literally the creators of planets of any and all shapes and sizes. (Basically a kind of cosmic entity if you want to call them that XD )

They create planets by imaging what they want their planet to be made out of, such as ice, rock and etc. Then they use their power to manipulate gravity to basically crush that material into a planet that's originally very small. While the planet is still in this small phase they basically sculpt the planet into what they want it to look like, adding mountains, ocean beds, basically anything they want that isn't living.

Then they simply drop the planet into it's position in space and the planet grows to it's own massive size.
The only draw back they have though is because planets need a source of gravity to rotate around they are either forced to cause their own planets to orbit themselves while in their smaller state, or find a galaxy with a star/sun to place their planets into.

In exchange, their two sibling species can create stars and creatures to both populate and create said galaxies. However more info will come for both of them when I make their pictures up. 

Placreo's generally prefer to be alone due to the fact that they are a very wanted species. Everyone wants the power to be able to create their own worlds and mold them however they see fit, and then rule said planets. But Placreo's create planets to give creatures a new chance, both new and old. Whether it's a species that just came into existence that's in search for their first home, or an old one that wrecked their planet, Placreo's welcome them all to stay on the planets they've created. 

Because of their high value and desire to "own" one of them as a pet, Placreo's tend to only mate once every 10 or so years at a different location each time. They mate by gathering together and making a giant planet, one so big that it could house billions upon billions of creatures. But instead after pouring an immense amount of their powers into making the planet they then break it down and each couple goes off with a piece of the planet which they can create into and raise as their child.

And due to being hunted constantly Placreo's have developed an interesting technique, they can change their appearance to be whatever they want it to be, whether that's a common animal, or a monster straight out of your nightmares. They'll change into anything to keep themselves from being caught, however they normally pick a single form that they like the most to sick to.

They have no "home" per say, but instead they stay on new born planets that they've built, or on a planet that they happen to pass by.

That's all the info I have for them now, but soon hopefully I'll have more XD
I want to thank MultiFandomSam for coming up with their name for me, and for helping me finally decide to post these cuties.
And I'm proud to announce that this beautiful bby is the first of their kind, and will hopefully create many, many planets <3

Character belongs to MultiFandomSam 
Made using a waitress lineart
Placreo's are a closed species that belongs to myself <3
MultiFandomSam Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017  Student General Artist
I loooove them
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