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For AlaskanBlueJay and for Markiplier's stream by SoulsofTheDoomed For AlaskanBlueJay and for Markiplier's stream by SoulsofTheDoomed
I made this for some really amazing people, so if you can please check them out!

I was watching Markiplier's live stream on Twitch,

When they called this beautiful person,… , Jay told a very touching tale of how a young child was throwing starfish back into the ocean so they wouldn't dry up. When an old man came up and asked them why they were doing that because tons of starfish washed up on the beach all the time and they wouldn't be able to help all of them. The kid bent down, picked up another starfish and threw them back into the ocean, then they turned to the old man and said "It helped that one". 

Jay told the story in relation to the fact that people in Mark's stream didn't have to donate a lot of money, that just one dollar will help the cause they are streaming for. Right after saying that Jay had to leave because his defibrillator went off and he had to go to the hospital. 

His story has touched so many people and as of right now is his okay! At the moment, I myself, cannot donate to the cause Mark is streaming for, which is why I made this up for both Jay and the stream! 

If you can, please donate to this wonderful cause… Or you can also find a link to it in Mark's live stream which I linked earlier ;W; 
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June 25, 2017
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